The Most Delicious (& Versatile) Way You'll Be Eating Avocado This Year

January  2, 2018

It may be a new year, but our fondness for avocados is anything but new. Yup, we’re still very much into avocado toast every which way. Alone as a snack? Sure. Scooped up as a hot weather treat? Yes, please. Even in a sumptuous birthday cake! Our love is everlasting.

So it should come as no surprise that when our Test Kitchen Director Josh Cohen gave us yet another way to enjoy our favorite creamy green orb, we welcomed it with open arms.

Say hello to avocado mousse.

Can avocado be sexy? Yes, yes it can. Photo by Bobbi Lin

Your mind might drift off to a mousse of this nature, but I’m here to reign you in! Our savory mousse is a velvety celebration of pure avocado, accented by lime, salt, and the tiniest hint of cayenne. Light as a cloud and perfectly balanced, it is a straight up avocado dream.

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“The texture is creamy, smooth, and luxurious,” Josh tells me. “It can be tempting to add more ingredients to the avocado mousse (chorizo! jalapeño!) but I find that this simple preparation, with no additions, results in a very clean and satisfying taste.”

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Top Comment:
“Chunks, chunky guac, smooth, mousse — any way you want to serve avocado is fine by me!”
— Linda

It’s a great condiment swap for mayonnaise, lending your sandwich the lift and moisture it deserves. It makes a fantastic dipping sauce for empanadas, is the perfect topping for elevated hors d'oeuvres (think mini crab cakes), or even works as a lazy alternative to guacamole (just let the food processor do all the work!).

We can also see avocado mousse working well dolloped onto salads, eggs, cold pasta dishes, and even poke bowls. Come to think of it, upgrading your avocado to avocado mousse would solve that annoying problem of wayward chunks falling off of your tacos, burritos, tostadas, and nachos, too—am I right?

“The truth is, avocado mousse is incredibly versatile. You could dip crudité into it, dip your grilled cheese into it, place a dollop on top of seared fish, use it as a condiment with grilled can't dip food into guacamole very effectively (you need to sort of scoop guac on top of your food), but you CAN dip food into avocado mousse.” FACT.

We have a feeling this creamy and versatile mousse will be making major inroads in your 2018 menu rotation...

Will you be spreading avocado mousse on everything you eat this year? Let us know in the comments.

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Hana Asbrink

Written by: Hana Asbrink

Hana is the senior lifestyle editor at Food52.


Stephanie January 7, 2018
Isn't this the Emperors new clothes? I really dont think adding lime to an avocado is a new idea.
Linda January 5, 2018
Hot to try this with canned tuna and salmon.
Another avocado flavor combo my husband & I like is with lemon juice and soy sauce, although we do it w/ avocado chunks; now I’ll try it smooth, too. Chunks, chunky guac, smooth, mousse — any way you want to serve avocado is fine by me!
Author Comment
Hana A. January 5, 2018
I agree with you 100% Linda - I'll take avocado every which way! And with lemon + soy sauce?? Yum! Thanks for your comment. :)
Lisa January 5, 2018
How quickly do you have to eat it? It's a beautiful color in the picture, but when does it start going brownish and unappetizing looking?
Kelli B. January 5, 2018
that was my first thought. How do you keep it from turning brown without adding too much lime juice?
Author Comment
Hana A. January 5, 2018
Hi Lisa and Kelli - the lime juice really helps the mousse retain its color. Because it's just 2 avocados in this recipe (and we have hearty eaters here in the office), we didn't see it change color/oxidize at all. But if you wanted to make it a bit ahead of time, I'm sure it'd be fine covered with plastic wrap, pressing down directly on the mousse itself. Thanks for the comments and happy weekend!
Michelle J. January 5, 2018
Really this is just a spread and not really new. I agree with others on the chunks. I have some smooth and some chunks in it. I like kosher salt, dehydrated onions, lime, pepper, and a little cayenne. Perfect for a spread, dip, or a topping.
Author Comment
Hana A. January 5, 2018
Yum, I love the idea of dehydrated onions - thanks for the suggestion Michelle! I also love very finely diced red onion. ;)
Christa January 5, 2018
When I lived in Ethiopia, they would make an avocado mousse, but put it on fruit salad, it was delicious!
Author Comment
Hana A. January 5, 2018
That sounds amazing, Christa! Thanks for the comment. I'll have to try that once some fruit salad berries come back in season. Have a nice weekend!
petalpusher January 5, 2018
Leave out the cayenne and its a perfect baby food. But it would be a better choice than commercially processed mayo for sandwiches A little thinking outside the box, we all need to keep our cooking minds nimble. Thanks Josh.
Ttrockwood January 2, 2018
Sorry but no. I like my avocado either slightly smashed and chunky , as chunky guacamole, or sliced/diced. Avocado mousse just reminds me of those crummy cheap restaurants that add fillers to guac and blend it to disguise the fact.
Probably a very personal preference but no avocado mousse for me.
FS January 3, 2018
I agree whole heartedly. Avocado needs to have some texture.