For Crispy, Gooey Treats That Really Pop, Add Champagne

December 26, 2017

It’s well-established kitchen knowledge that combining melted marshmallows and butter with light, crunchy cereal makes irresistible treats. Whether you go for traditional Rice Krispies, Froot-Loops, Cheerios, or some other breakfast staple, the draw is that paradox of crispy little bits coated in gooey marshmallow cream. Marshmallow treats are all about the texture. The taste? Well, that’s where things are about to get interesting.

Snap, crackle, and pop open the bubbly. Photo by Bobbi Lin

In Modern Comfort Cooking, author Lauren Grier reimagines the classic treat with a splash of Champagne in the butter-marshmallow mixture. It keeps the same great texture, but instead of over-the-top sweet, the Champagne adds a subtle zing. It’s more like a dry, sparkling aftertaste than a powerful punch.

Our test kitchen (and yours truly) couldn't stop eating the fizz-flavored squares, even at 10 in the morning. In addition to being addictive, these come together in a flash (under half an hour) and sit pretty at room temperature, making them perfect party treats. Serve them up at birthdays, showers, movie nights, or your NYE bash.

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Not a fan of Champagne? Grier recommends trying the recipe with your favorite rosé or white wine. It’s no bubbly, but you’ll still get plenty of pop.

What's your favorite way to flavor marshmallow treats? Share in the comments!

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