Alcohol-Free Drinks

The Alcohol-Free Drinks We're Sipping This January

January  1, 2017

Along with resolutions and party cleanup, New Year's Day often means brunch—and with that comes brunch cocktails. Partygoers might indulge in a hair of the dog with a Bloody Mary (with all the fixings), a citrusy mimosa, or a spiked coffee topped with a cloud of whipped cream. For those who don't drink alcohol, however, the options are usually significantly less interesting—but they don't have to be! Bars around the world are betting on booze-free libations, and so are we.

Here at Food52, we use Seedlip, a botanical-laced non-alcoholic spirit, as an alternative mixer in our vodka- and gin-based cocktails.

"Seedlip made me think differently about cocktails—that they're not about mixing alcohols but about creating beautiful, appealing flavors,” says Food52 co-founder Amanda Hesser. “The Seedlip spirits are a phenomenal foundation for any drink. You won't believe their intensity and fragrance."

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While you can simply add tonic (and a twist of grapefruit or cucumber) to Seedlip spirits for a refreshing drink, we asked Food52 community member hardlikearmour to dream up refreshing, alcohol-free libations for the new year. She paired the verdant, floral Seedlip Garden 108 with fresh raspberry syrup for a twist on Tom Collins, spices and tomato juice for a virgin Bloody Mary, and citrus and grapefruit for a booze-free Paloma. Mix up these three booze-less cocktails, and toast to a fresh reset of a new year.

Have you tried Seedlip? What are other non-alcoholic drinks you've tried and loved? Share below.

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BerryBaby January 1, 2018
Club soda, lots of ice with green olive brine and a pick with two olives.