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15 Very Good Reasons to Have a Sandwich for Dinner

January  5, 2018

It’s totally romantic to imagine coming home to a cocotte simmering softly on your stove. Outside, a blustery breeze whistles past your window. Your cheeks turn rosy from the steam from whatever it is you’ve got bubbling away on top of your stove and you warm yourself with the heat of your oven, as vegetables roast away inside.

Some days, this is us. We’re energetic and emboldened by winter’s harsh winds to pull together some sort of hearty meal, perhaps a puree or, on the most ambitious of days, a complex curry or a confit.

But on other days, you just can’t be bothered: The sun set hours ago, so it’s been dark for hours; you’re tired and cold and an intensely calculated meal just isn’t an option. Times like these is when I recommend you turn to the sandwich. Humble in nature, a sandwich is actually a perfectly satisfactory weeknight dinner. Why shouldn’t it be? You’ve got all your food groups. They’re endlessly customizable and come together in relatively quickly. Take that lunchtime special after hours and enjoy a meal in between bread. This winter, don’t shy away from the sandwich, but rather, embrace it. Here are a few recipes to get you inspired.

Have One for dessert, too!

How do you sandwich? Tell us about it in the comments.

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pierino January 7, 2018
I will be going back to New Orleans in about 8 weeks. Looking forward to the Muffaletta from Central Grocery as well as the Napoleon House version.
Nancy January 7, 2018
Good ideas, down to earth, with the fillip at the end - ice cream sandwiches for dessert! Gotta love it. ;)
PHIL January 6, 2018
A nice French dip on a cold day. Does a Croque madame count? technically it's only half a sandwich.