13 Reasons to Put Kale On Your Grocery List

January  9, 2018

Tough, hearty kale doesn’t care that its popularity is constantly under assault. Because kale knows that even after years (years!) of declarations that “insert-name-here is the new kale!!” won’t stop us from returning to its dark green leaves. Especially now, in the depths of winter, when we crave comforting kale-stuffed potatoes, fettuccine, and spicy pies. Sure, salads are great, but there are so many different wintery ways to enjoy kale, from stews to stir-frys to shakshuka. So, go ahead and try all of those "new kales." These 13 dishes will be waiting when you’re done.

Are you team kale? What's your favorite way to use it? Share thoughts below!

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Katie is a food writer and editor who loves cheesy puns and cheesy cheese.

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Joanna M. January 10, 2018
Ya'll are so much fun, and I savor a light-hearted approach no matter what space I occupy. How my Mom prepared 3 square-from-scratch meals a day (without a dishwasher) for 7 hunger-crazed people-- my family -- I'll never quite grasp. But she did it with ease, she didn't drive and relied on her choices from our weekly A&P haul coupled with the walking distance butcher, never followed a written recipe, and had a repertoire that attracted extended family members to our dinner table as though it were a magnet. Like my Mother, cooking is a ritual for me. Foods marry. Good olive oil typically finds its way into most everything excepting pancakes and the 70+ year old coffee cake recipe we actually followed from the tiny recipe leaflet that came with her trusty Sunbeam mixmaster. We ate well. I absorbed the shock on my girlfriends' faces when after a quick break from kickball or potsy I'd return holding a broccoli stalk that I think now my Mother probably purposely fashioned to mimic an ice cream cone. Carrots. Celery stalks. All her idea of a treat during a time when factories were mass-producing sugary confections with endless shapes and colors. But anyway, thanks Food52 for triggering these happy food-loving memories. -- Joanna