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Soufflés for Days: 8 Recipes for Brunch through Dessert

January 19, 2018

Done right, soufflés are lofty and airy—as visually impressive as they are delicious. But due to their finicky reputation, many don't dare to do them at all. That's changing this month in our Cookbook Club. We're cooking through Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume 1, and members are successfully rising to the challenge.

If clouds were made of cheese. Photo by Don McGinnis, Becca Brown McKnight

Here are just two of the many success stories from our Club members.

Allison Grasso:

This gave me the confidence to make soufflés, as like others have said, they have always intimidated me!

Becca Brown McKnight:

It tasted great, just like a big ole cheese puff! And easier than its intimidating reputation, too.

Clearly, it's time for the soufflé to set aside its formidable reputation—especially since soufflés can work so well at any time of day. Here are 8 recipes to give your meals a lift from brunch through dessert.


A classic cheese soufflé is a great place to start. Use the cheese(s) of your choice and pair it with a simple green salad for an impressive brunch.


For dinner, you might want more a more substantial soufflé, but straying too far beyond a basic cheese soufflé can be daunting—if you add other ingredients in, will it still rise? Food52er aargersi assuages our fears in her review of the Golden Carrot Soufflé:

Don’t be intimidated by the word soufflé here. This recipe is a snap to put together, no fussy directions or paper cones or scary pan prep directions. You just cook the carrots, whiz everything in the food processor, and bake in a buttered dish. The soufflé is light and puffy, with crisp edges and a nice crusted top. It’s carroty and buttery and really just right.

So be brave and branch out! Make an artichoke soufflé when spring comes around, or one with corn in the summertime.


Soufflés can easily swing to the sweet side, too, and if you end a meal with individual dessert soufflés, you're almost guaranteed to impress your dining companions.

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Tell us: What are your best tips to ensure soufflé success?

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