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The Case for Wintry Pickles

February 13, 2018

Arguably the most iconic pickle—the cucumber—is as summery as a lifeguard in a red bathing suit with a sunscreen-slathered nose. Many of our other favorites are similar in their season. Say, asparagus. Or watermelon rinds. Even blueberries.

We tend to put spring and summer produce on a pedestal (I mean, how could we not?), so we pickle those ingredients to savor them all year long. But winter produce deserves to be missed, too. Cold-season vegetables are heartier and sturdier. In other words, perfectly suited for boiling-hot, vinegary brine. In the face of adversity, beets, apples, and friends stay crunchy and vibrant.

Here are some pickles to make now, before cucumbers and watermelons steal the spotlight again. Then, come spring, you can have a picnic in the park, open a jar, and remember how much you miss winter! Or, you know, just enjoy some pickles.


How to play around: Instead of red beets, try golden ones, or turnips. Instead of potatoes, go for rutabagas or parsnips. Instead of ginger, turmeric.


Are preserved lemons really pickles? Totally. They’re just pickled differently. Instead of being soaked in a vinegar brine—the speedier way—lemons are fermented with salt, which yields a natural, acidic brine. And don’t limit yourself to lemons. Try limes or navel or blood oranges.

What are your go-to pickles? Discuss in the comments below!

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  • Alexa Masi
    Alexa Masi
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Alexa M. February 13, 2018
having a jar of preserved lemons in my fridge has changed the game. i love being able to quickly add a huge kick of tangy, salty lemon!
HalfPint February 13, 2018
My go-to pickles are Korean soy-sauce pickled vegetables (& fruit). I make mine with cucumbers, radishes, jalapenos, and apples. So good and addictive, especially the apples.