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Bake Fearlessly with Erin McDowell & Our Baking Club

March  1, 2018

Our Baking Consultant at Large (and former Test Kitchen Manager) Erin McDowell recently published her first cookbook, The Fearless Baker: Simple Secrets for Baking Like a Pro. Erin's been a Food52er since the beginning, and over the years, she's shared many tricks of the trade and hundreds of recipes with us. She's packed her book full of some of those tips and tricks (and many, many more new ones) and recipes, of course—so it's no surprise that The Fearless Baker clocks in at nearly 400 pages!

We'll be baking through her book it all month long in our Baking Club and learning from Erin along the way. And, not to worry if you don't have a copy of her book yet, we've got plenty of recipes to get you started (and a giveaway below!). Her book starts off with cookies and bars, so we will, too. Here are 7 of Erin's recipes for them:

Ready to join in the fun with the Baking Club? We're giving away two copies of The Fearless Baker, each with a matching purple bandana, so you can channel your inner Erin. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post by Sunday night—winners will be selected Monday morning. (Giveaway open to US addresses only.)

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    Cherie Roche
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I like esoteric facts about vegetables. Author of the IACP Award-nominated cookbook, Cooking with Scraps.


familydinners September 20, 2018
Excited to explore this book!
Cherie R. March 5, 2018
Baking to me is escapism. I’m in my own space, my thoughts and the end product puts smiles on the faces of those around me with the delicious end results. Would love to be able to do this with the recipes from The Fearless Baker.
Jo-Ann D. March 4, 2018
So excited to bake along! The lime sable sandwiches look amazing 😍
Jordan B. March 4, 2018
I QUIT my stable job to pursue my passion in baking, would love a copy!
Johnna S. March 4, 2018
I love baking but it hasn't always loved me. I would love to improve our relationship.
Julie March 4, 2018
I am not a fearless baker but I am working towards it!
Jillian M. March 4, 2018
Would love this book!!
Leah March 4, 2018
I've loved her tips about different types of icings and their uses. I'm looking forward to trying som natural food colorings, as I avoid the store-bought versions.
Amie N. March 4, 2018
Would love this book!
Tina H. March 4, 2018
As a student I would love this book!!
brooklynsam March 4, 2018
I have never been able to bake cookies, looking forward to getting the help I need!
Kaitlin K. March 4, 2018
Looking to expland my baking past cake and bread... would love to win this book!
Vickie F. March 4, 2018
This truly looks like the book I need to help take that bit of fear out of tackling my next baking encounter. Fear equals stress and I could sure use less stress in my life. Happy baking.
m March 4, 2018
This popped up, so why not try the recipes and win the book?
Nitza H. March 4, 2018
I need this!!!! Pretty please...
heyjude March 4, 2018
I love seeing every photo posted in this club.
Kathy F. March 4, 2018
Those cherry black pepper cookies sound amazing!
Jamie March 3, 2018
In to win the bandana! ;)
Harmeet B. March 3, 2018
What a wonderful way to de-stress after work!
Geraldine W. March 3, 2018
What a great variety in this book!