How to Host a Chill Oscars Viewing Party in the Comfort of Your Sweats

March  2, 2018

This Sunday marks the 90th run of the Oscars, capping off what has been one long awards season. Whether you’ve followed the course of the final contenders closely this year or are (like me) more invested in the red carpet coverage, it’s just another reason to gather the troops and hunker down in front of the television for a fun, casual night in.

But how to ensure the right register of low-key revelry without ratcheting up the stress factor? It is on a Sunday, after all, when many of us can be found in the elastic-banded comfort of our loungewear. We wanted to bring that same level of chill to our entertaining style (and snacks!) for Hollywood’s biggest night. A few of our favorite ideas below:

Keep It Fun

All right, so leave those tuxes at home. But don’t forget to print out some ballots! No awards night is complete without a little bit of competition to keep everyone on their toes. Get yourself up to speed with Oscars predictions here and here before placing your bets.

Keep It Simple—and Big Batch

If you’re hosting a few friends or a large group, keeping the menu simple and easily scalable by volume (and not variety) will help keep you sane. This tactic will also help immensely if there are last-minute additions to the party—it’ll be no sweat if a few more join in!

Shop the Story

What does that look like? Think big batch cocktails (make a pitcher ahead of time) and large format, make-ahead recipes that would play well (read: sturdy, good at room temperature, crowd-pleasing) on a buffet spread.

Keep It Snack-y

To know Food52 is to know about our undying love for snacks. Here are some great ones for a gathering of any size:

Are you getting the gang together this Sunday? Tell us what’s on the menu!

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Hana is a food writer/editor based in New York.