Ever Bake Up a Giant 3-D Bunny Cake?

March 21, 2018
Photo by Bobbi Lin

If you ask us, animals and cookware are always a welcome combo—take our piglet pan, for (adorable) example—but Nordic Ware has really taken it to the next level. When we came across their 3-D Bunny Cake Pan, our first thought was “What?!” And our second was “How?!”

Fortunately, our own Erin McDowell, intrepid baking consultant at-large, was on hand to give the pan a whirl, showing us just how easy it is to use, and how simply stunning that big ol’ bunny can turn out to be.

Photo by Ty Mecham

Erin found that Nordic Ware’s instructions guided her loyally through the process. That meant starting with a standard pound cake recipe, pouring the batter into one half of the bunny, then clamping the other half on top. (The important part here is making sure the half with the venting hole is on top!) Leave it to bake and it’ll dutifully grow into the shape of the bunny.

When frosting time arrived, Erin opted for a beautiful, shining chocolate glaze. She applied three layers just to be safe, and the result was a shimmering beaut of a rabbit. We hated to cut into it but, uh, hey—it’s still cake, isn’t it? Of course, I (along with the rest of the office) definitely took a bunch of Instagrammable photos first...

Photo by Bobbi Lin

Though slightly daunted at first, Erin found the 3-D bunny to be an easy bake in the end. It’s also a big one, though, and we’re not always that ambitious, so it’s nice to have options—that’s why we’ve got a ton of other novelty shapes, from adorable bunny cakelets and beautiful floral shapes to bite-size conversation hearts. Somehow cakes just seem to taste better when they look like something cute.

What’s the craziest shape you’ve ever baked a cake into? Tell us about it!

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Written by: Gerard Coletta


Joan S. April 1, 2018
I read somewhere on the internet that since there are no clamps, use a weight. I put a smile pot filled with water on top of the cake pan. It worked perfectly. My bunny cake turned out great. Now I am getting ready to cover with chocolate. This is fun!
Joan S. April 1, 2018
I meant small pot filled with water. Sorry : - )
Judy P. March 21, 2018
Well, I've not made an alligator or hippo, but I faithfully, for I don't know how many years have made a bunny cake (Wilton cake pans). I don't think it would be a truly happy day if we didn't have a bunny cake. AND, to be honest, I've had some horrendous failures. You don't want to know what I did. But after another try and constantly trying to update recipe according those who have had success.....it is SO rewarding.
brenda March 21, 2018
Are there clips to clamp the sides together?
Gerard C. March 21, 2018
Hi Brenda--the two sides have interlocking seams that hold them together when attached.
brenda March 21, 2018
Thank you!