See What Our Community Members Are Serving Up for Spring

April 26, 2018

Blooming flowers, chirping birds, short sleeves—it’s finally starting to look like spring! And we’re ready to celebrate with (what else?) a dinner party. We’ve launched our Spring Menu Maker to help anyone looking to plan a springtime gathering, and asked some of our trusted community members to take it for a whirl. Their menus range from make-ahead brunches and crowd-pleasing roasts to vegetarian odes to spring. Read about their menus below, and, if you’re inspired, give the Spring Menu Maker a try.


If Pierino were to throw a spring party, he’d keep it simple and seasonal with a Mediterranean twist—perfect for highlighting his Promiscuous Romesco. For more bold flavors, citrus stars in Broiled Lemon-Honey Arctic Char with Citrus Sauce, Lemon Lavender Gin Rickeys, as well as a stunning dessert. Below is a peek, but check out the whole menu here.


Although it’s a rare event, there’s an outside chance that for one spring weekend, community member AntoniaJames will have both of her sons at home. To celebrate, she and her sons (both superb sous and co-chefs!) will prepare a bright brunch for friends and family.

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Most of her dishes are make ahead—like Prosciutto and Goat Cheese Strata or deviled eggs—so it will be a breeze to pull off. For the full spread, head here.


A juicy leg of lamb spiked with garlic headlines FiveandSpice’s dreamy spring menu. To balance the main, she’s making balsamic-roasted shallots and a cauliflower couscous. But we think the crowd-favorite will definitely be dessert. Check them out here.


Panfusine bopped around our Spring Menu Maker like a kid in a candy store, struggling to decide between the delectable options. Which is fine—her event-planning tends to border on mixing and matching, this and that. She settled on a vegetarian menu (with some bias toward the recipes she’s already made and loved) that include eggplant parmesan and a blood orange salad. Her full menu looks even more mouthwatering.


From the community member who’s given us gems like her mom’s garlic-rubbed roast and the luscious cannoli cake, comes a spring menu with zip. Like Pierino, Drbabs also features the arctic char and a citrusy sip, but lets sweet strawberries sing in a simple bake. See for yourself here.

What will you be serving this Spring? Let the Menu Maker help you decide.

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