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The Splurge-y Ingredients We’re Buying with Our Tax Refunds

April 17, 2018

Have you filed your taxes? If not; no worries, you still have a whole day left. If you’ve already completed the dreaded task and are lucky enough to be expecting a neat little refund, congrats! How do you plan to spend that extra change? Tuck it away into savings right away? Treat yourself to a nice dinner out? How about a nice dinner in?

I asked the Food52 staff what splurge-y ingredients or recipes they’d go to town on with their (real or imagined) tax refunds. The results might have you salivating. Be sure to let us know your own plans below.

Luz Ramirez, Marketing Manager

Prime rib! And nice baking chocolate.

Micki Balder, Software Engineer

Homemade sushi and/or cured salmon; burrata for all meals. (Resident filmmaker Alik Barsoumian +1’ed the burrata.)

Charles Drexler, Video Producer

I’d splurge on lobster.

Connor Bower, Social Media Manager


Valerio Farris, Staff Writer

Our longtime contributor Emiko, as always, has my heart, so catch me running to the store for a bottle of squid ink and some squid.

Brinda Ayer, Books & Special Projects Editor

Truffles/truffle paraphernalia, and a nice wine that is above my usual price point.

Karen Levi, Executive Assistant

Beef tenderloin from Fleishers.

Henry Dotson, Software Engineer

An entire jamón serrano (or jamón ibérico if I wanna get REALLY spendy).

Sarah Yaffa, Data Analyst



I’d love to go crazy with truffles and try this soup from our test kitchen director, Josh.

What are you cooking up with your tax refund this year? Let us know!

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Hana is a food writer/editor based in New York.