15 Treats to Celebrate Filing Your Taxes—Because You’re Worth It

April 13, 2018

Around this time of year, I start playing The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Mo Money, Mo Problems” to soothe myself as I enter one of my most dreaded tasks: taxes.

Filing tax returns is one of those no-fun, stress-inducing parts of being an adult I feel like no one told me about as a kid. When I filed my first return with an at-home service years ago, I kept my dad on speakerphone the entire time, terrified I’d mess up and invite the wrath of the IRS. It hasn’t gotten better. Every year, there’s always the hassle of remembering where I’ve put my W-4 or 1099, or tracking down donation receipts. It requires a level of organization that, frankly, I’m surprised the federal government trusts its citizens to accomplish.

Maybe you’ve squared everything away weeks ago. Or (like me) you could be taking advantage of those two whole extra days from the IRS. Either way, you’ll want a treat for your hard work—here are 15 that are even sweeter than a refund.

Cookies & Bars

Simple Cakes

I-Want-It-Right-Now Bites

Have you already filed your tax return? What did you do to celebrate?

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