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The Best Snacks to Sneak Into Every Summer Blockbuster

June 12, 2018

Ah, it’s summer. Which means it’s the best time to hole yourself up in an overly air conditioned auditorium with a whole sea of people and stare at a giant glowing screen. Right?

Blockbuster movies are one of summer’s simplest pleasures. They’re reliable and plentiful and offer the perfect respite from those sweltering afternoons when the sweat dripping so, so slowly down your spine just won’t let up. It’s moments like those that I thank my lucky stars (read: Moviepass) that there’s a cold movie theater somewhere nearby that I can park myself in for a few hours at time. Besides, summer’s one of the best times to tune in, as the list of available flicks swells in the warmer months.

If popcorn's not for you—and concessions just don’t cut it—then you’re going to want to be smuggling in some snacks to optimize your movie going experience. Plus, we all know those prices aren't where they should be. I know, it’s not technically legal, so I can’t fully endorse any type of clandestine snack trafficking. Buuuut I must admit I have snuck a snack or two into the theater in my day. The munch, crunch, crackle and snap of a good snack is all part and parcel of the movie going experience, so load your pockets or purse or backpack with any of these easy portable treats. Just, please, make sure to unwrap everything before the movie starts.

Incredibles 2 (june 15)

Everyone's favorite animated super family is back! Who knew the Incredibles would be back more than ten years after they first charmed us with all their relatable problems—a son who runs at supersonic speeds, a mom whose arms can stretch for miles, and a baby who spontaneously bursts into flames. Greet this franchise with only the sweetest of treats. It's a family movie, after all.

Sorry to Bother You (July 6)

Boots Riley makes his directorial debut with this genre-defying romp of a feature. It looks raucous and revelatory and for that, why not sneak in a snack that packs a bit of punch? Think something sweet AND spicy. Ancho chili will do the trick.


This one's bound to be the summer superhero blockbuster. So your snacks can be as classic as they come. Popcorn? Why not. Try these variations.

Eighth Grade (July 13)

At 14, I was totally obsessed with eating Almond Joys. I still am. So for this movie commemorating that amazing, horrible year, I'm making myself some of my concession stand favorites. Join me!

Mission Impossible — Fallout (July 27)

You probably don't need any extra caffeine to watch Tom Cruise scale from a helicopter (again?), but in case you do, make these pocket coffees and pop them throughout the action-packed flick. They're stuffed with espresso, so make sure you ration or you'll really be bouncing by the end.

Crazy Rich Asians (August 17)

OK, I can't wait for this one. The story's adapted from a book written by Kevin Kwan—who happened to review 3 cookbooks for this year's Piglet. (The judgment was a blockbuster in and of itself.) Catch me front row to watch a bunch of rich people being rich! I'm down. To make myself feel super fancy for this premiere, I'll be sneaking in some more sophisticated snacks. Did someone say candied orange?

or go straight up sweet!

What summer movie can you not wait to watch? Tell us in the comments below.

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Pam June 18, 2018
I have avoided theaters for several years, due to the obnoxious people who insist on using their cell phones, and the horrid behavior of teens and pre-teens. The phones, when anywhere in front of me, are distracting to the eyes and ruin my focus on the movie, and the behavior, even worse. One (I hope isolated) incident was the two women right in front of me who were drinking wine during the entire movie. That was distracting, and I couldn't get DUI and possibly injuring or killing someone out of my mind. Better the comfort and quiet of my own house.
Pam June 18, 2018
preteen and teen behavior- getting out of their seats and walking or running elsewhere to visit with their friends.
Isabel June 14, 2018
The reason movie snacks are so expensive is they don't get much of the SO expensive ticket price and somehow have to cover rent and the vastly underpaid staff that cleans up the theaters between shows. Commit yourself to one item from the snack bar even if you cheat the system or you may not have a theater.
Chris H. June 13, 2018
And the best way to do it:
Valerio F. June 13, 2018
!!!!!! I love this. I wonder if I could pull it off...