9 Summer-Meets-Fall Salads to Make Right Now

September 10, 2018

I’ve mentioned before that my favorite meals to make are salads. They’re so versatile and forgiving, shifting to accommodate my mood, budget, the state of my fridge. From buttery, tender lettuce and juicy stone fruit to tangy buttermilk dressing and crispy shallots, I love the variety of tastes and textures.

We're in a golden time for salad-making, my friends. Every morning when I walk to work, I see the Union Square Greenmarket with the best of both worlds: tables piled with late summer tomatoes and peaches and corn alongside pumpkins and squash patiently waiting for their time to shine. It's a special moment for vegetables, one I fully plan to take advantage of in the form of bountiful salads.

Want to join? Here are nine ways that both celebrate summer and make us excited about fall:

If you're still feeling summer

What's your favorite way to celebrate in-between seasons? Share in the comments below!

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