What Making Your Bed (Or Not!) Says About You

Including what type of personality you have, how much you nap, and whether you’re into Seinfeld.

October  1, 2018
Photo by Rocky Luten

Walk me through your morning. Not the breakfast part—though personally, I’d love all the details; I hope there was cake—but the stuff before that. Was there an alarm clock in the mix? One you perhaps snoozed? Or did you wake naturally and hop out of bed like a spring (or fall) chicken?

The latter is more likely if you’re someone who makes your bed every day. At least, according to a recent survey of 2,000 Americans conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by sleep industry blog Sleepopolis. So say the survey results, bed-makers are more likely to be “morning people” who wake us sans alarm. They apparently nap for an average of 43 minutes daily, and are more likely to enjoy jazz music—as well as House Hunters, and romantic films.

Meanwhile, over in unkempt-bed-land, you’re more likely to meet a “night person” who hits the snooze button on an alarm clock—the horror!—and naps for a staggering average of 50 minutes daily (must be nice). These owls of the evening are more likely to get down to rock music, watch Seinfeld, and enjoy comedies. Non-bed-makers are also almost twice as likely to enjoy indie movies as bed-makers (cough, attracted to a sense of whimsy, anyone?).

According to Marie Haaland of public relations firm 72 Point (which worked with Sleepopolis to create the survey), 60 percent of respondents overall reported that they make their beds every day, while 40 percent said they do not make their beds on the majority of days.

Bed-makers are likelier to be adventurous, confident, high-maintenance, and sociable folk. Non-bed-makers are prone to shyness, moodiness, sarcasm, and curiosity—though apparently not about how to execute the perfect hospital corners. According to Haaland, roughly consistent groups of bed-makers and non-bed-makers reported never taking naps (17 percent and 18 percent, respectively).

While we realize that this survey was more on the anecdotal (aka, just for fun) side of the spectrum, we think there's something to be said for delving into the psychology of early-morning task masters. Sleepopolis was conspicuously silent on the class of sleepers I personally am most curious about: those who make their bed on the weekend, and then immediately get back into it. If my sample size of one is any indicator, it's likely that we prefer The Great British Baking Show re-runs, and nap at all opportunities.

You can see an infographic of the survey results here.

The Good News? We’re Pretty Sure You’re All Dessert People.

Are you a bed-maker, or do you leave it unmade? Let us know in the comments!

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Ella Quittner

Written by: Ella Quittner

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Lindi October 26, 2018
I'm a night owl and cat nap in my Lounge chair, I make my bed 90% of the time because my bedroom is at the front of house, so vistors walk past it. I'm diffently not into comedians and comedy shows, love all genres of music and love the blues/jazz and music from themed 40's and 50's and I'm only 60. I seem to wake about 10 mins, before my alarm goes off, if I go to bed.
Burtine October 12, 2018
I am a morning person and could not leave the bedroom with the bed unmade. I waken on my own and can pretty well tell the time by the light in the room. I do not nap during the day. Sunrise every morning is a joy. Anything is possible. I am 86 years of age by the way and not about to change my ways now.

catrina October 11, 2018
I try to make my kids bed even if they are still in it, it can look tidy even though your sleeping.
MaryLou F. October 11, 2018
I hate mornings. Seen one sunrise, seen them all. The bed is made when the sheets are cleaned and that should be enough for it. Also I love Seinfeld and Jazz...both, and if I can, I nap. Should I mention that I am in my 70's and would like to say I feel bad about not making the bed, but, hey, I don't. I still work, have two grandsons that I have raised and I do feel bad about telling them to make their beds so I don't do that either (except for that once a week sheet washing day).
Paul October 11, 2018
Of course there are the cross-overs. People who make the bed, or don't, but still set two alarms--the wake up and the get up. Who listen to jazz, watch romantic and comedic films. Who are adventurous this way and not, in the other. And who may be outgoing yet still sarcastic, while maintaining a high level of curiosity, and being high-maintenance yet with benefits so the person who has to live with them still finds it worthwhile. I'd dump the survey and talk more about the fabulous linens and blankets that were depicted, because surveys are generally so much nonsense. I mean, they said Hillary would be president, didn't they?
Linlee October 9, 2018
I am so surprised at how well I am described- I am a bed maker, take a 45 minute nap almost daily, love watching House Hunters daily, and listen to jazz- weird...
Rachel H. October 7, 2018
I'm getting really sick of being judged by how well I fit in with a "survey". It's a sickness in our culture; it's why children are bullies, anorexic or addicted to social media. I wake up at 6:30 and WISH I COULD SLEEP IN, I DON'T make my bed ever! Really, who cares? don't we all have enough to do than worry about this stuff?
Gennifer M. October 7, 2018
I'm a midday/night person.

If I have somewhere to be (ie work or a walking tour), I use an alarm clock.

I don't play the snooze game.

I do tend to lay in bed for a while before getting up.

I never make the bed unless my parents are coming or I'm spending time with them.

I don't nap regularly. When I do, it's because I'm absolutely exhausted or sick.

I prefer pop music, no Seinfeld but plenty of other funny TV shows, lots of different movies.

Not into indie movies so much as I am animated. That's where I get my whimsy, I guess.

I am definitely prone to shyness, sarcasm, moodiness and curiosity.
Cathy W. October 7, 2018
I just throw the covers back in place. No tucking in though. I wake up on my own 80% of the time. Take my time getting out the door in the morning. I need to acclimate to the day. I am a 'mid-day' person!
tAliciousdishes October 7, 2018
This is hilarious. I'm constantly in awe of the type of surveys are out there and the people who take them. It speaks to curiosity as well as wanting to belong.
What an entertaining read. I'm in the last group. Sunday bed making and promptly getting back into it 🤣
Suzy's M. October 7, 2018
I don’t fit the finding at all! I never make my bed, I am a morning person, sans alarm like jazz and don’t nap! Laid back but awake!!!
BerryBaby October 6, 2018
Oh boy! So I wake up without an alarm clock between 4:30 and 5 AM, make my bed first thing, then to personal stuff, get puppies up (have them do their personal stuff), pour a cup of coffee (setup the night before on auto clock), give puppies treat and yogurt.
Definitely a morning person. All errands are completed before noon.
Dishes are taken care of immediately after eating. Kitchen wiped down, everything is put away and I get the coffee ready.
Have always been like this...me, one sister and one brother all have this routine. Two other sister could not be more opposite!
Joy October 3, 2018
Not! I don't make my bed, wake up sans alarm, am a "spring chicken", adventurous, confident, curious, never nap, dislike jazz, am NOT a night owl, etc. A total mix of these supposed traits of bed makers and non-bed makers.
Carmen L. October 2, 2018
I am a bed maker. And have instilled in my kids to make the bed before they leave the room. As adults my 2 boys follow it more than my ddaughter. 90 to 10.
Wersojourners October 2, 2018
Not a bed maker by choice. Using duvets has helped to learn to make the bed more often.
Ella Q. October 2, 2018
Ali October 2, 2018
Not a morning person, but becoming a bed maker. I’m more motivated since I adopted my cat JP. He likes the bed made, so he can slightly unmake it to his liking, and it’s impossibly cute to witness when I get home from work!
Ella Q. October 2, 2018
That sounds adorable!
Ttrockwood October 1, 2018
Hmm. I have to have an alarm clock, although i often wake up a few minutes before it goes off. It’s across the room so snooze doesn’t happen.
I don’t make my bed properly, but there is a general flinging of sheets back to where they go and straightening the comforter. I do love a bit of a late afternoon nap but that seems relegated to weekends in my life as it stands. And who doesn’t love Seinfeld??
Eric K. October 1, 2018
I identify with the character traits of the bed-maker, but in actuality I'm much too lazy to make my bed every morning.
Beth100 October 1, 2018
I’m awake, happy, and moving between 5:30 AM and 6:00 AM every day, and I don’t make my bed, because I like it to air out all day and be fresh when I hop into bed at night. I do lament the disheveled appearance, though.
Stephanie B. October 1, 2018
Not a bed maker, and not a morning person (though I have no choice but to wake up early on weekdays), and not a napper. I almost always hit snooze. One thing I do is what I call "aligning the corners" of my flat sheet and comforter - but I do this before I go to bed at night. I almost never do dishes (that's what my husband is for, as I do the cooking), but when I have done them I can't stand to got to bed with a full sink. And I'd like to believe that everyone can unite around Great British Baking show re-runs.
Ella Q. October 2, 2018
GBBS is the best!