11 Ways We're Switching Up Breakfast in the New Year

Speedy and tasty tips for streamlining your mornings.

January 16, 2019
Photo by Rocky Luten

We've partnered with Kite Hill to share a few of our best ideas for giving your breakfast routine a refresh for the new year.

I'm not the type of person who can go more than a few hours (except when sleeping, of course) without at least a snack; leave me unfed for too long, and...let's just say I'm no stranger to the concept of "hangry." That's why a proper breakfast—as in, more than a splash of black coffee from our staff kitchen—is critical to a successful, hanger-free day. Unfortunately I'm also the type of person who would rather snooze her alarm 17 times and spend a mere 10 minutes rushing to get ready than wake up early enough to prepare a full meal.

In an effort to give my harried morning routine a fresh start in 2019, I turned to some of my coworkers to find out how they do breakfast. From simple make-ahead bites that'll keep you full until noon to refreshing takes on classic breakfast foods that'll wow those 7 a.m. tastebuds, check out our team's best breakfast ideas below and totally transform your wake-up calls.

"My goal for 2019 is to cook more, so that’ll mean sticking to my daily six-minute boiled egg with my Magic Spice Blend, a cup of OJ, and maybe a slice of toast every morning. There are moments, though, when even those six minutes can feel like forever (and be used brushing my teeth or walking my dog). So maybe I’ll boil my eggs ahead of time and have them ready for me Monday through Friday. Oh, maybe I’ll just make this: Momofuku's Soy Sauce Eggs." — Eric Kim, Senior Editor

"I always, always keep a dairy-free chive cream cheese in my fridge. I love how subtly tangy it is. In addition to using it as a spread on toasty bread (under avocado/eggs) or bagels (with lox, or in summer, sliced tomatoes with flaky salt), I also often will dollop it over still-warm soft-scrambled eggs, so it gets a little melty. I find I don't need to make breakfast ahead per se when I have ingredients like that on-hand, because it's so easy to pull together a five-minute breakfast that feels composed and exciting." — Ella Quittner, Food Writer & Recipe Developer

"I’ve purchased waaaaaay too many bagels with lox at bagel shops this year even though I know it’s far more cost-efficient to have everything on hand at home and make it myself. I’m going to be making batches of Sarah Jampel's Smoked Carrot "Lox" throughout January, just to try to be better budget-wise and to try and get a few more veggies in there." — Connor Bower, Social Media Manager

"We ALWAYS have homemade granola, Greek-style yogurt, and homemade jam on hand. Every summer we jam 75 half-pint jars of various types of jam; this year was blueberry, yellow plum with cardamom, yellow plum with ginger, and black currant." — Tim McSweeney, Senior Graphic Designer

"I'm always a fan of chia pudding as a quick and easy weekday breakfast, but something I've loved doing lately is switching it up and making parfaits with a yogurt and chia pudding, topped with some fresh fruit. On a Sunday night I'll soak the chia seeds in almond milk so that each morning I can just make an assembly line of chia pudding, yogurt, and fruit to customize it depending on what I'm craving that day. It all comes together in less than five minutes." — Rebekah Daniels, Account Manager

"I make a big batch of waffles over the weekend and then reheat them in the toaster during the week—just as good!" — Merrill Stubbs, President & Co-founder of Food52

"I'm flirting with going vegan for January, so eggs are out. I'm not an early riser either, so my best trick is stocking simple breakfast foods at the office and assembling once I get there. I love grabbing a hearty loaf of bread at the beginning of the week, and switching up different toast toppings every day: Avocado + salt, almond butter + banana, dairy-free ricotta + jam... keeps things interesting!" — Cory Baldwin, Branded Content Director

"A little something I picked up from my grandmother is the beauty of a simple Turkish breakfast. We love to incorporate savory toppings like cucumbers, olives, and almonds on top of yogurt or pair with a hard-boiled egg. We’ll have this with fresh bread or a simit, a type of circular bread typically encrusted with sesame seeds, and local fruits like figs and apricots. If they’re out of season, dried fruits work great as yogurt toppings, too. The best part is the toppings change all the time depending on what we’ll find at the markets so we rarely get bored. Turkish breakfasts are one of the best kept secrets of the Mediterranean." — Aja Aktay, Home & Vintage Buyer

"I love oatmeal, but I've eaten it so much that I'm looking for other comforting grains. Lately, I've been eating congee with kimchi—it's got a kick that really wakes me up!" — Katie Macdonald, Assistant Editor

"I am a big fan of rising early to bake off some sourdough and like to alternate with the toppings. I'll do butter and flaky salt when it's fresh out of the oven, something like vegan cream cheese with cucumber slices and Za'atar on day two, Greek-style yogurt or its non-dairy counterpart mixed with garlic and harissa on day three—one loaf and a bunch of fridge staples makes for endless variations!" — Zoe Paknad, Director of Revenue Operations

"Overnight oats are my go-to, easy-to-make breakfast for when I'm in a pinch. I typically reach for almond milk to soak my oats, then I grab my favorite toppings (goji berries, almond butter, chia seeds, frozen berries) and layer them on top. It's even better to make this in a Mason jar so that it is all ready to travel the next day." — Ashley Hutchison, Account Coordinator

In partnership with Kite Hill, we're sharing quick, easy ways to revamp your breakfast routine to give your mornings a fresh start. Whether we're rushing out the door or waking up to a relaxed weekend, Kite Hill's plant-based, artisan almond milk foods—like their European-style yogurts and many flavors of cream cheese—are a perfectly delicious way to kick off the day.

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