Dear Test Kitchen

How to Turn Tonight's Vegetable Scraps Into Tomorrow's Dinner

Our test kitchen is getting scrappy.

April 18, 2019

Leek tops. Fennel fronds. Cilantro stems. Chard stalks. These are just a few of the many vegetable parts relegated to the scraps category. Which, in our test kitchen, we would rather call the get creative category, thank you very much.

In this week’s Dear Test Kitchen, Test Kitchen Director Josh Cohen takes everyday odds and ends, and turns them into delicious recipes. So say a quick sorry to your compost bin—because tonight, scraps are what’s for dinner.

Scrappy Recipes

Happy Helpers

What are your favorite ways to use food scraps? Tell in the comments!

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carswell May 17, 2019
I rarely get radish greens that are worth using outside of the farmer’s market in the spring/summer. When I do, I will roast the radishes after tossing them with some oil and salt and sauté the greens in a little butter - combined they are delicious.
sue May 17, 2019
The best part of a kitchen garden - micro greens, though others may call them thin-ings. I confess to chomping those little tiny radishes, carrots, beets, kohlrabi and other little greens who are sacrifices for full size vegetables as I pull them.