This 2-Ingredient Spread Makes Any Egg Sandwich So Much Better

Hint: It's a smidgen spicy and takes two seconds to whip up. Better weekday mornings, right this way.

August  7, 2019
Photo by Julia Gartland

Like any good northern New Jerseyan, my go-to egg sandwich order is a Taylor, egg, and cheese. Taylor is New Jersey slang for Taylor ham, which in turn is New Jersey slang for pork roll, which is the greatest breakfast meat of all time. Southern New Jerseyans refer to it exclusively as pork roll, which is a debate for another day, because the operative word in all of this is: order.

I order TECs at Jewish delis and bodegas and markets. But you’d never find me making one at home.

It’s not that cooking Taylor ham is hard. Like bacon strips or sausage patties, it requires little more than tossing it in a hot skillet and standing watch. But it’s the standing watch that becomes a problem at 7:31 a.m. on a Wednesday when I’m sprinting around my house trying to brush my teeth, find my headphones, pour my tea into its travel mug, and make an egg sandwich—all at the same time.

That’s when this recipe comes in handy. If you can call it a recipe.

Most egg sandwiches hinge on four components: bread, eggs, meat, and cheese. This sandwich follows suit with the first two, but goes off-road from there—by ditching the meat and cheese, and calling in Calabrian chiles and mayonnaise.

Why? Let’s take them one by one:

Last year, Giada Di Laurentiis called crushed Calabrian chiles a pantry must-have—and ever since, I’ve never been without a jar. Made with minced chiles, olive oil, and wink of vinegar, it’s a chunky, spreadable paste that makes me think of hot sauce before it gets blended smooth.

Now, about the mayonnaise. While more likely to be found on a lunch sandwich than a breakfast one, it’s no stranger to eggs. Just think of egg salad and deviled eggs. And the fact that mayonnaise is made with eggs! I especially love the way this ingredient adds richness and creaminess, almost like melty cheese.

When you smear the two together, they meld into a hurried person’s spicy mayo: marbled, swirled, and very messy.

I wrap the whole thing in foil while still warm, throw it in my backpack, and dash for the door. But wait—where are those headphones?

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Lorraine October 9, 2019
I love Dave's Crazy bread toasted,egg,and Woerber's creamy horseradish sauce,and sprinkled w/Trader Joe's Everything but the bagel seasoning. DELICIOUS.
Emma L. October 9, 2019
Molly September 7, 2019
My favourite breakfast is: Greek yogurt
Dried cranberries. Chopped walnuts.

keg72 August 27, 2019
A “Jewish deli” to me is a Kosher deli, and no Kosher deli is selling Taylor ham!
Amanda August 14, 2019
Have you tried Trader Joe's new Italian Bomba (which seems to be a perfect dupe for crema di peperoncino, made with Calabrian chiles)? I wonder if just adding a touch of mayo to that would taste similar to your (tantalizing!) recipe?
Emma L. August 14, 2019
So funny you mention that—I just bought a jar last weekend! Haven't tried it yet, but I got it with this recipe in mind!
Amanda August 14, 2019
I had a "wow, funny this appears right after I bought.." reaction to this post, too! :)
Joe August 11, 2019
I like to use Trader Joe's wasabi mayo on egg and ham sandwiches.
Emma L. August 12, 2019
Mmmmm gotta try that!