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5 Dinners to Cook This Week (You Know, Besides Thanksgiving)

November 24, 2019
Photo by Bobbi Lin

Thanksgiving is in four days, so you probably think I’m going to tell you to defrost your turkey (which you should if it’s 16 pounds give or take) or make your cranberry sauce (which you could at any point) or buy the wine (estimate half a bottle per person).

But I don’t want to talk about Thanksgiving.

I want to talk about the other meals we’ll eat this week—from feel-good, throw-together bean soup to the oniony pasta sauce our office can’t stop talking about.

Almond-Crusty Tofu

“I made the baked almond-crusted tofu triangles last week and really liked them,” Assistant Buyer Jacob Parsons said. “They feel rich without being heavy, crisp up beautifully in the oven, and reheat really well for meal prep.” Two of my favorite words!

Cabbage e Pepe

“I got a kick out of this weird one,” our data scientist Coby Kestigian told me. And by “this weird one,” he means Sarah Jampel’s recipe for cabbage e pepe. “It's obv’ not as decadent as the real deal, but you can throw whatever you want in there and it uses up a CSA cabbage you don't know what to do with.” A few things I would think to throw in there: pasta (does that defeat the purpose? who’s to stop us?), bacon, and/or kale.

Marcella’s White Bean Soup

A few winters ago, my husband and I made this soup from Marcella Hazan—and it couldn’t be simpler. Since then, we’ve adopted both an Instant Pot and many pounds of Rancho Gordo beans, both of which will come in handy here (canned works great, too). A buttered baguette and vinegary salad turn it into supper. Come hang out with us while we cook it on Instagram.

Scrambled Eggs for Dinner

I wish I had a quarter (or a cookie?) for every time I’ve had a dinner plan, then abandoned it for scrambled eggs plus something else. Last week, this materialized as fatoot samneh, the latest Genius Recipe (I drizzled mine with harissa-spiked honey, 10/10 recommend). Other weeks, I’ll grab some tortillas from the freezer and make scrambled egg tacos with whatever is in the fridge—avocado, Greek yogurt, pepita salsa, etc.

Braised Onion Sauce Forever

Have you met our November Recipe of the Month, pasta with braised onion sauce? What are you waiting for? “Omgomg,” our email production coordinator Cara Vaccaro messaged me. “Me and my friend made that onion pasta dish and it was so good! We used fresh pasta and it truly did take forever (we finished a whole bottle of wine while the onions were caramelizing). But totally worth it! I think half the fun is that it takes so long.” Couldn’t agree more.

On the Side

  1. I just started Manhattan Beach but am having trouble getting into it. Has anyone read it? No spoilers, please and thank you, but would love to know your thoughts.
  2. The third season of The Crown is out (!!!) with a whole new cast. Looking forward to reading this after I watch it. (NYT)
  3. 15 pieces of advice about home cooking that Jenny Rosenstrach wish she knew earlier. (Cup of Jo)

I know I said I wouldn’t talk about Thanksgiving—but hey, happy Thanksgiving. I hope it’s a great one. This year, like the last several, I’m thankful for my cat, the sweetest girl in the world. What are you glad to have around these days?

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“Want to make a pilgrimage to the Brooklyn Navy Yards.”
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drbabs November 24, 2019
I loved A Visit from the Goon Squad. But I also could not get into Manhattan Beach. There are so many great books in the world. You don’t have to read things that don’t call to you (unless you want to).
Emma L. November 25, 2019
I've heard a lot of good things about A Visit From the Goon Squad! Adding to my list.
pandoraxx November 24, 2019
It looks delicious ! :) Have you ever try Turkish foods before? Can you share the recipe for one of the dishes here? https://www.bestdietlists.com/health/best-turkish-foods/
luvcookbooks November 24, 2019
Loved Manhattan Beach, tho I did skim through some of the technical descriptions of putting on a dive suit. The little girl who became the heroine fascinated me. The evocation of 30s and 40s NYC was also fascinating. Themes of social class, feminism, thin line separating the legal from the illegal. Don’t know if that will help! Want to make a pilgrimage to the Brooklyn Navy Yards.
Dot L. November 24, 2019
I liked it too. Keep trying, Emma! I believe that the Brooklyn Navy Yard does historical tours. It’s interesting to read and to think about those who lived in exactly the same place in which we might live but in a different time. We walk in their footsteps.
Emma L. November 25, 2019
I'm going to keep at it!