18 Food Gift Baskets They'll Want To Dig Into Right Away

Farm fresh, thoughtfully curated, and hands-down delicious.

October  7, 2021
Photo by Rocky Luten

It should be no surprise that our love language is food. We’re often sending food baskets, DIY cocktail kits, or frozen handmade dishes to our friends and family—especially during the pandemic since we can’t see our loved ones as often as we’d like.

But the term “food basket” often brings to mind a hodgepodge of stale crackers, fresh-ish fruit, and nuts that came from the bottom-most shelf at a gas station. You know what we’re talking about—thankfully, these food basket gift ideas are not that. Instead, these thoughtfully curated gift baskets are delicious, fresh from the farm (or restaurant in some cases), and guaranteed to be eaten as soon as they’re unwrapped—instead of being regifted or relegated to the back of the pantry.

Ahead, 18 food gift baskets that don’t look like an afterthought from the gas station.

Photo by Tokyo Treat

1. Tokyo Treat Subscription, $31.50+

For snackers, Tokyo Treat’s monthly subscription box is filled with treats from—you guessed it—Japan. Each month has a fun theme, like the Halloween box, which includes apple cinnamon Kit Kats, monster-shaped candy, corn chips shaped like a witch’s hat, and more.

Photo by Goldbelly

2. Russ & Daughters New York Brunch, $179

Nothing beats a New York bagel... except maybe not having to wait in line for said bagel.

Photo by Haus

3. Haus The Sampler Kit, $50

If you thought these gift baskets were only for food, think again. This kit includes four bottles of mix-and-match aperitifs so you can’t go wrong.

Photo by Ty Mecham

4. Jasper Hill Farm Cheese Tasting Box, $50-$200

With a range of basket sizes for any budget, this is a no-fail gift for the cheese head. Just choose what you’re comfortable with spending and be prepared to head out the door when they invite you over for a socially-distant happy hour.

Photo by Brightland

5. Brightland The Couplet, $42

We’ll choose fresh honey from family-owned farms in the U.S. over stale crackers any day.

Photo by Milk Bar

6. Milk Bar The Cheerleader, $86

Perfectly named for the exact moment (any moment) when your loved one could use a pick-me-up, The Cheerleader set includes a whole Milk Bar Pie and a dozen cookies—which they can share, or not.

Photo by Hu Kitchen

7. Hu Kitchen Small Chocolate Gift Box, $40

For chocolate purists, a set of vegan bars that only uses organic ingredients with none of the unnecessary stuff like palm oil or refined sugars.

Photo by Mouth

8. Made By Mouth Vegan Snack Box, $102

If you’re not sure what your vegan friends can or can’t eat, try a curated box that does all the thinking for you—we won’t tell.

Photo by The Wonderful Wine Co.

9. The Wonderful Wine Co. Starter Pack, $110

Even if they’re not vegan, they’ll love this trio of clean wine made with organic grapes. The Starter pack comes with a red, white, and rosé, but there are others that are only for rosé, Malbec, and even orange wine.

Photo by Stonewall Kitchen

10. Stonewall Kitchen Berry Favorites Gift, $59.95

Everything you need for the ultimate cozy breakfast, and yes, all in a cute little basket, too.

Photo by Goldbelly

11. The Grey Buttermilk Biscuits with the Fixins’, $95

They won’t be able to contain their excitement at spotting a stash of The Grey’s iconic biscuits. The fluffy mounds of goodness arrive frozen, which means they can eat one daily or all at once for the ultimate indulgence.

Photo by Rocky Luten

12. Bella Cucina Italian Antipasti Basket Gift Set, $239

If they prefer making antipasti the main course instead of a first course, this gift basket has everything for a full-on feast.

Photo by Nordstrom

13. Sugarfina Vice Retro 8-Piece Candy Bento Box, $72

For a sweet take on the classic food gift basket, these Sugarfina treats are the candy version of their fave drinks and snacks.

Photo by Williams Sonoma

14. Williams-Sonoma Le Marais Parisian Box, Croissants and Jam, $69.95

The closest thing to inhaling a fresh croissant from Le Marais—both the district in Paris and the bakery in San Francisco. The kit includes 10 frozen croissants, butter from grass-fed cows in Normandy, and seasonal jam (either berry or marmalade).

Photo by Goldbelly

15. Shirley Chung's Ms. Chi Potstickers and Dumplings - Combo Pack, $99

Delicious, soul-soothing potstickers and dumplings can cure any bad day.

Photo by Mouth

16. Made By Mouth Iced Coffee Kit, $74.50

If your loved ones are on Team Iced Coffee all year round, this kit lets them make their favorite drink all day, every day.

Photo by Ty Mecham

17. Palais des Thés Signature Tea Blends, $21

Or if they’re into tea more than coffee, these stackable tins contain eight kinds of loose-leaf tea for a choose-your-own adventure type of gift.

Photo by David's Cookies

18. David’s Cookies Fresh Baked Mini Cookies, $36.95

These mini cookies are so cute and delicious, they won’t be able to just eat one.

What’s your holiday wish list this year? Drop some inspo below!

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