We Found the Avocado Hack to End All Avocado Hacks

TikTok users are demonstrating a safer-than-ever method.

June 22, 2021
Photo by Ty Mecham

Guacamole, smoothies, vegan chocolate mousse, and pure ripe slices of avocado are, dare we say, worth risking a potential small hand injury as one pits and slices an avocado. But leave it to a generation of genius TikTokers to share a completely safe way to pit an avocado without using a knife.

In the past, our team has been mesmerized by pancake cereal, cloudlike whipped coffee, and a DIY hazelnut spread inspired by Nutella, all of which were food trends that went viral on TikTok. Now, a new hack posted by sushi chef and TikTok user _mynameischo shows how to remove the pit of an avocado using just your fingers, saving you from a trip to the ER. According to Cho, all you need to do is place your index and middle finger on either side of the pit and put your thumb on the backside. Press your thumb firmly against the avocado while applying pressure to your other two fingers and watch as the pit pops right out of the avocado, leaving you with the smooth creamy flesh to easily scoop out with a spoon.

Was I skeptical? On the one hand, duh. It just seemed too good to be true! But the world has been proven wrong many times by TikTokers who can, say, effortlessly remove the tendons from a chicken cutlet using just a fork and a paper towel. So I did what any responsible journalist would do and tested out the theory using an avocado that was conveniently lying on my counter. And did the hack work? Of course it did, and why should I be anything but surprised? The avocado I used was perfectly ripe and green (miracles happen), and the pit came out with just the slightest bit of force, taking a little bit of the flesh with it and leaving a small hole at the bottom of the skin. But hey, better that the hole be formed in the avocado than in my own skin. All in all, it was a hack that was far too easy, and it took no more time than it would have with a sharp chef's knife.

I will say that I still have a few pressing questions. Mainly, why did it take so long for someone to figure this out? Does it work just as well if your avocado is way under- or way overripe? Needless to say, I'm going to continue testing this hack as I make some of my favorite avocado recipes, like these Roasted Yam & Collard Green Enchiladas, recipe developer Lori Lyn Narlock's epic Bacon-Stuffed Burgers With Pimento Cheese & Avocado, or a light and bright salad such as Avocado With Pomegranate Molasses, Tomatoes, Citrus & Basil.

Have you tried this viral TikTok hack? Let us know in the comments below!

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[email protected] January 6, 2022
Forget the spoon for getting the avocado out of its shell. I use a small spatula from Thermoworks. Just go around the edge & voila, the avocado comes out perfectly.
Marion B. October 12, 2021
I'm 69 so I've been taking the pits out of avocados for most of my life! Cut them in half. With your (clean) thumbnail, just flip the pit out of the avocado. No need for knives or fancy equipment.
phip July 16, 2021
If you can’t dislodge a pit from an Avo with a knife, please don’t ask if you can help make the guacamole.
Mitch W. July 15, 2021
Why not just learn how to properly use a knife?
FS July 15, 2021
Isn't it a bit ironic to call a method that avoids putting a blade into the pit a "hack"?
Frankly, the described method seems more trouble than it's worth ... getting the pit out of an avocado is easy enough as long as one takes just a bit of care.
Kevin July 15, 2021
I'm dubious. I mean, have you seen this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCYdaLHjJKQ
Annie R. July 15, 2021
Whattttt….Straight up bonkers
TXExpatInBKK July 19, 2021
Then he posted this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EOTOnrFhKM
Kevin July 19, 2021
Oh, yeah... I know his vid was totally fake. But he does show a couple of people who actually successfully depitted the avocado the way he faked it.
Guadalupe L. July 15, 2021
With an avocado tree at my parent's house, I've pitted avocados my whole life. As long as the avocado is ripe, the easiest way is to cut it into two halves, lightly squeeze the half with the seed lengthwise and let the seed drop into the bin.
taash July 15, 2021
Unnecessary, a waste of time, & not worth destroying the avocado.

I use a similar method to Bobby Flay: a sharp downward blow with a sharp knife fixes the pit on the blade, I wiggle the blade a little back & forth to loosen the pit, then, holding the knife with the edge pointing downward, place index finger & thumb on either side of the blade & push downward, releasing the pit. Here’s Bobby demonstrating his avocado-pitting skills:

Tammy L. July 15, 2021
I've seen this...but you still need a knife or some other tool to cut the avocado in half. Or am I missing something? Just seems more efficient to continue to the next step with a knife. Sort of gimmicky.
Susanna July 15, 2021
Yes, I thought this was a so-called hack to open an avocado without a knife, but after watching the video, it’s clear that you still have to cut it open before removing the pit. But never in my life have I used a knife to get the pit out. I just lift it out with a spoon.
OdaO July 15, 2021
To keep the avocado beautiful and unmessy, as you sometimes want, you bring your knife into the stone with a whack, and twist it! Especially useful if it is not overly mature.
OdaO July 15, 2021
While the avocado is on the table, not in the hand, mind.. (hence the ‘avocadohand’ (cut)).
Cheryl July 15, 2021
So where is the hack? I don't see a video or any photos that relate to an avocado.
Carrie T. July 15, 2021
Nah, I’ll keep the “old” method. Totally squished the backside during the “new” method.
Yirgach June 24, 2021
Another common ER wound, especially on weekends, is the Bagel slice wounded palm.
Kitty June 24, 2021
I’m confused. Why would removing an avocado pit mean a trip to the ER? Doesn’t everyone simply cut the avocado in half, and bring a knife down swiftly onto the pit, twist and remove? Then to the trash can to knock the pit off the knife? Not a single body part is engaged in any way that would cause harm. Am I missing something?
Kelly V. June 24, 2021
Unfortunately, "avocado hand" is a real thing! It's a term coined by medical professionals and refers to injuries caused by home cooks who accidentally cut themselves quite severely when using a sharp knife to remove the pit. Hopefully, this new hack will prevent such injuries in the future!
Donamaya June 24, 2021
Better to use a dull knife than ruin a sharp one
Medora V. June 25, 2021
I'm with you, Kitty. That has been my avocado pit extraction method since I saw the Galloping Gourmet demonstrate it over 40 years ago. No blood in my guacamole. I would, on the other hand, love to know how to safely cut up a gigantic winter squash, rutabaga, or the like without mayhem.
emily July 1, 2021
I do exactly what you described. This technique works perfectly and doesn't involve sticking multiple fingers into the fruit or squishing the avocado. I think a lot of the problems arise because people try to cut the avocado in half while it's resting in their hand rather than on a cutting board. If you never put yourself in a situation where the blade is heading toward your skin, you'll never get cut!
Matt July 15, 2021
So I googled "avocado hand", and the only stuff that came up were click bait headlines from websites I've never heard of…
Kelly C. July 15, 2021
Medora, cut off the ends, poke holes with a fork all the way around & microwave for 2 minutes, then cut it. I find this to be much easier.
dona July 15, 2021
i bet some people stick the tip in the pit rather than just whacking the pit with the blade. good way to ruin your knife!
taash July 15, 2021
Competent people, yes.
OdaO July 15, 2021
Was this microwave tip for the winter squash?
OdaO July 15, 2021
Q for Kelly.
Kelly C. July 15, 2021
Yes, it was! Sorry for confusion. I thought it would show up directly under hers.
Medora V. July 17, 2021
I'll try it the next time I'm faced with an indomitable vegetable. Thank you!
patricia G. July 19, 2021
Also easier to peel squash after a brief passage through the microwave.