The 9 Best Non Stick Pans, According to Home Cooks

Most non stick pans are meh, but these are among the best we've ever used.

February  4, 2022
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Non stick pans have a bad rep among the restaurant chef crowd, not unlike measuring by volume with teaspoons and cups. Slow heat conductors, they say. Not durable! Weak! Cast iron or bust! Maybe the overall “fragility” of the non stick pan is ill-suited for the rigorous and high-heat cooking at restaurants, but at home where things are wayyy more chill, it’s a flippin’ godsend.

But pros do have legitimate causes of hesitation. If you’re worried about the other bad rap that non stick cookware gets, know that non stick pans made after 2013 are made without polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), also known as C8. While these were some of the main chemicals that created the shiny, super-slick nonstick coating, they’re also potentially carcinogenic if exposed in high amounts. Still, it’s best to err on the side of caution and make sure the labels say they’re PTFE- and PFOA-free. And using high heat on a non stick pan is a one-way ticket to ruining it—always stick to medium heat to ensure your eggs don’t burn.

Ahead, the best (and safe) nonstick pans that our favorite home cooks, contributors, and even yours truly uses everyday for fluffy, cloud-life pancakes, crispy salmon skin, braising, and of course, all. the. eggs.

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1. ZWILLING Madura Plus Nonstick Fry Pan, $59.99-$169.99 $59.99-$139.99

“I bought this pan before I started working at Food52! It's genuinely the best. Fried eggs and omelets slide around with no problem, fish skin gets super-crispy (and again, never sticks!) It's also oven-safe, which is very handy for frittatas!” —Rebecca Firkser, assigning editor

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2. TECHEFF Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette Pan, $32.99 $22.99

“I know it’s meant for tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelets), but I’m convinced every egg wishes it could hatch and get fried up in this non stick pan. Chili oil fried eggs release lickety-split! Veggie omelets suffer zero wear and tear. Oh, and the pan’s rectangular shape was destined for toasting sliced bread. One may argue it’s the best invention since.” —Justine Lee, contributor

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3. Five Two Essential Nonstick Skillets, $69-$139

“I believe in having only one non stick—for frying eggs, pancakes, and the like. For the rest of your cookware, invest in a material that lasts forever. Non stick saucepans and stock pots don't make sense to me! I may be biased, but it'd have to be the Five Two Essential Nonstick Skillet (the 12-inch with the lid!). After a year of almost-daily use, it looks almost like it did fresh out of the box. A much better value than another pan I paid twice as much for. And the sparkly blue interior? Swoon.” —Maurine Hainsworth, copywriter

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4. Great Jones Large Fry, $75

"T​he Small and Large Fry from ​Gr​eat ​J​ones are my go-to non stick pans. ​W​hile there are pros & cons to a ceramic-coated non stick (pro​: ​chemical free! con​: ​ceramic coating wears away over time), I’m going on three years with my ​S​mall ​F​ry & eggs still slide out like day one. ​Plus, ​I love that they​ are oven-safe, so I’ve used them for frittatas, ​D​utch babies,​ and​ even cakes!​​​"​​ —Megan Pearson, home cook

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5. All-Clad Nonstick Hard-Anodized 2-Piece Fry Pan Set, $49.99

“My favorite non stick pan is technically two pans, and the only “pan-pans” I have in Hawai'i. While you can get by just fine with one large non stick pan, I think the smaller size is perfect for a crispy egg and justifies the cabinet space it takes up. My other go-to nonstick pan is a tamagoyaki pan. I also love how small and compact it is! In the mornings, it's the easiest pan to reach for to brown some Berkshire sausages, a breakfast staple for me.” —Kiera Wright-Ruiz, contributor

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6. GreenPan Premiere Stainless-Steel Ceramic Nonstick 10" & 12" Fry Pan Set, $129.95

“I love the Greenpan Premiere line. These pans technically have a ceramic finish, but it functions exactly like non stick. I mainly use these for pan-searing salmon and they manage to get the skin super crispy (crispier than other non stick pans) while still offering an easy release. Plus, I like that they don't look like non stick because when it comes to cookware, looks matter.” —Kelly Vaughan, staff writer

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7. Joycook Durastone Marble Coated Cast Aluminum Nonstick Wok, $54.99

“I use this non stick wok everyday for fried eggs, stocks, braises…literally everything. The angle and depth of the wok are just perfect. Most importantly, the weight is light enough that even when it’s full with food, I can still carry it without breaking my wrist. It’s cheap enough to replace every few years [if I need to], even though I think I’ve owned mine for the last four years. If I can only cook with one pan/pot, this would be it.” —Seung Hee Lee, chef and author of Everyday Korean

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8. Circulon Symmetry Hard Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan Set, $79.99

“After a fair amount of research, I took a chance on a set of non stick pans from a brand I hadn't heard of before—Circulon. The larger one passed my non stick pan test with flying colors: preparing a Spanish tortilla. I easily executed the requisite flip and barely had to clean the pan. My old cast iron has taken the back burner ever since.” —Caitlin Raux Gunther, contributor

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9. Abbio Small Nonstick Skillet, $80

“I’ve been using this for the past two years almost every day to make lunch during the pandemic. It’s the perfect size for one, and has a slightly curved handle that makes it easy to hold and flip eggs, veggies, and more. There’s been minimal sticking so far, and everything cleans easily enough with a bit of dish soap and water. It's oven-safe and comes with a silicone pad to protect your kitchen table if you use it as a serving dish, too (which happens quite often since I'm working from home).” —Jada Wong, market editor

Do you have a fave non stick pan? Let us know below!

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mopam February 20, 2023
I love the Green pan Premiere Ceramic Nonstick Frying pan. These pans technically have a ceramic finish, but it functions exactly like nonstick. Every time when I use this, it looks like new. It is dishwasher free.
neil D. February 10, 2022
I really enjoyed the Article. I felt a lot of love for a number of Pans. I was hoping for a "you can only have Two pans" so what's it going to be kind of thing? I know it is a hard answer. Respect and admiration for sure. Thank you. Neil
Nancy H. February 10, 2022
It looks like none of the selections address induction stove tops. Why is that? Those puny discs on the bottom don't cut it.
Liz S. February 10, 2022
That is my objection to non stick also ... see below comment ... and why I am using my not bad Calaphon non stick less and less in favor of enamel cast iron which works wonderfully for me. I am not averse to oil/butter/lard (non-hydrogenated) in the skillet, though.
Smaug February 10, 2022
Actually, disagree with the "most nonstick pans are "meh" premise. There was a time when cheap nonsticks were made of something not much heavier than foil and had performance problems, but for some time now- maybe because of a glut of aluminum- even the cheap pans are solidly built and perform very well. Only one I've had trouble with is a supermarket brand "Bialetti" or something like that, which had a bad handle attachment. I don't like to invest a lot in nonsticks, because they all have a limited lifespan.
Anita B. February 10, 2022
Can’t believe no one mentions Hexclad. The most durable scratch resistant non-stick ever.
Justine L. February 10, 2022
You just did, and we're made better for it!!
jpriddy February 10, 2022
The made in Korea pan sounded great... except for the Teflon2 coating which is only listed as PFOA- and not PTFE-free. So maybe not. I eliminated aluminum from my kitchen forty years ago and Teflon soon after. I prefer to cook in glass, cast iron, and stainless.
Frank K. February 6, 2022
Yep I sure agree with Zwilling Madura+ being the slickest nonstick, but only time will tell their durability since they're only a few months old.

One of my Made-In nonsticks is going on 3 years old & it's still rockin' with 85% - 90% of it's original slipperiness, so I choose them too. Wonder why you didn't. 5 ply SS with 3 coats of their proprietary nonstick coating. Quality craftsmanship too.
nancy E. February 5, 2022
Americas Test Kitchen tested the lot and found the OXO non stick was the superior pan
Smaug February 5, 2022
Those tests are always interesting, but they need to be taken in context- the number of products tested is limited, and they don't tell you which were included beyond three or four of them. The criteria of the tests I find are often quite irrelevant to me- I don't need to lift a 10 pound pot roast out of a stock pot with tongs. Yes, you can't fit a 12 inch fish in a 10 inch skillet very well, but that doesn't make a 12inch skillet "better". The taste tests are worse- beyond the questionable accuracy of taste tests in general,
there's once again a limited sample tested, there's a hopeless east coast bias to what they test, and their criteria are by no means universal- it is, after all, a matter of taste. But the Oxo skillets are quite good.
Liz S. February 4, 2022
I have 2 Calaphon non stick (circa 2017) that have done well ... BUT, they do not work on induction burner ... I have electric range, but a "side" induction burner. But they have retained non stick properties and work well. Still, over the past several years I have bought Staub pots/pans and find that they do well for all I wanted non stick: omelette, fried egg, scrambles. I have well-seasoned regular cast iron also and not issues. So ... the Calaphon are being used less and less and will likely be retired in favor of cast iron and enameled cast iron.... personal preference.

@Smaug I am with you on Oxo products. I have not tried their nonstick, but every implement that I have purchased has been positive: quality, good ergonomics and just overall useful.
Smaug February 4, 2022
Thank you for recognizing that cooking at home is different from cooking in a restaurant, no need to import their problems. If you can find a set of All Clads for that price it's a great deal, though they're a bit oversized and may not fit with lids you have. Other reasonably cheap nonsticks I've been happy with are from Tramontia and Oxo (the favorite of the ATK crowd- I used to be suspicious of how often Oxo products won their top recommendations, but I must say my own experience of their products has been very positive)