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Our Most Popular Recipes in February

February 28, 2022
Photo by Melina Hammer

The last full month of winter, thank goodness, February longs for comfort food. And our most popular new recipes from the month deliver just that, from spoonable porridge to fluffy pita to your new favorite soup. Here’s what our community is cooking up.

11. Speedy Sausage Ragù With Crispy Garlic

From Melina Hammer, a newfangled sausage ragù that doesn’t require hours and hours on the stove. (And yes, you should sprinkle crispy garlic on all pasta recipes from now on.)

10. Belly-Warming Barley Porridge

Like every Nickel & Dine, this nourishing, filling meal from Rebecca Firkser yields four servings for less than 10 bucks.

9. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gigante Beans

Melina’s favorite way to serve these beauties: piled on thick toast, adorned with roasted peppers. How would you put them to good use?

8. Sita’s Pita Bread

“Sita baked her loaves in an oven with a broiler on the bottom,” writes Layla Khoury-Hanold. “To mimic that, my brother Will came up with the idea of baking it on a preheated pizza stone.”

7. Sour-Spiced Salt & Vinegar Chicken Lollipops

Salt and vinegar wings, upgraded—thanks to amchoor powder and ground sumac. “Both excite the sour flavor profile of the dish with more sides of the story,” writes Mandy Lee.

6. Cajun Chicken & Rice

For all you planners: You can make Cajun seasoning from Millie Peartree—with oregano, cayenne, thyme, paprika, and then some—up to a month ahead.

5. Sticky Honey Potato Wedges

Carolina Gelen simplifies roasted potato wedges with a nifty oven technique. Don’t skip on the black pepper—it’s a dreamy contrast to sweet honey.

4. Sarsoon ka Saag (Fragrant Butter-Laced Pureed Mustard Greens) From Julie Sahni

As Kristen Miglore puts it, “Anytime you're craving deep nourishment or need inspiration for an overload of spinach or mustard greens from your CSA,” turn to this genius recipe.

3. Sourdough Pikelets

A new friend for your sourdough starter, courtesy of Maurizio Leo. Pikelets are beloved in Australia and the U.K., and destined for whipped cream and lemon curd.

2. Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta With Crispy Capers

Like their names suggest, cream cheese and sun-dried tomatoes are all you need for an intensely creamy, cheesy, tomatoey pasta sauce. Then salty capers send it over the top.

1. Really Easy Roasted Pepper Soup

This soup makes more than you’ll eat in one sitting. That’s a good thing. Stick it in the freezer and look forward to it in a month or two.

What recipes did you enjoy this month? Let me know in the comments.

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    Granny Sue
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    Emma Laperruque
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Granny S. March 8, 2022
Hmmm.... I will stick with Samantha's Cook and 1/2 recipes... sorry just MO
AntoniaJames March 1, 2022
New-to-me recipes in February:

Bevi’s excellent fish in roasted tomato sauce (a keeper, even when made with nice-quality canned tomatoes) served over Emma Laperruque’s Instant Pot polenta (also a keeper!)

And these herb-filled meatballs with caramelized cabbage.
I first made them with Impossible-brand meat substitute, which made me gag, because that product smells like plastic / just doesn’t taste good to me, even when pumped up with fresh herbs and cooked in an otherwise delicious sauce. I then made it using 2/3 local grass-fed beef and 1/3 local grass-fed pork. With those substitutions, the dish is sensational.

Not new this month but a keeper we eat often during the winter months: Archana Mundhe’s Instant Pot Butter Chicken which appeared twice on our February menus, once with chicken, and once with haddock, added after cooking the sauce, just to cook through. I add finely chopped frozen spinach, cooked to heat through, and serve the dish over rice for a wonderful one-bowl meal.

Thanks for asking! ;o)
Emma L. March 1, 2022
Yum, that roasted fish in tomato sauce looks great!