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Our Most Popular Recipes in March

March 31, 2022

While February was full of belly-warming porridge and garlic-flecked sausage ragù, March’s most popular new recipes are decidedly springier. Tell me—what are you whipping up these days? Number four, below, is at the top of my wishlist.

10. Salmon Coulibiac With Dilly Sour Cream

Salmon has never felt so tended to. This recipe from Melina Hammer is a weekend project, yes. But a worthy one.

9. Creamy, Dreamy Hummus From the Ottolenghi Test Kitchen

“Hummus” and “Ottolenghi,” so you know it’s gotta be good. Keep a batch in the fridge and look forward to a snacky lunch with raw vegetables and crackers.

8. Grated Egg Salad

If chopping boiled eggs yields a chunky texture, grating them yields a cloud. Fluffy and light, these wisps get tossed with toasted spices and garlicky mayo for a new favorite.

7. Tortilla Española With Blistered Cherry Tomato Romesco

“With a cold beer, the tortilla is just like being in a tapas bar in Madrid. Thanks Rick!” writes one Food52er. Now all I need is a cold beer, and this tortilla, and to be in Madrid.

6. Caramelized Leek Pasta

The star here: a shot of vermouth. “It completely complements the leeks’ subtle onion flavor,” writes Meryl Feinstein. (If you don’t have vermouth, white wine works, too.)

5. Salted Matzo Toffee

Technically a Passover-edition Big Little Recipe, but don’t be fooled: This dessert is a hit all year. And it keeps great in the freezer, too.

4. Burnt Broccoli Pesto

This newfangled pesto from Carolina Gelen is mostly charred broccoli, so you don’t have to worry about making a side dish. Good.

3. Torrijas

“Torrijas are often compared to French toast, but as much as I love eating French toast for breakfast, torrijas are in another category of their own,” writes Stephanie Loo.

2. Crispy Yangnyeom Chickpeas With Caramelized Honey From Eric Kim

“Sticky-sweet yangnyeom sauce is one of those genius inventions that was meant for fried chicken,” Eric Kim writes, “but tastes wonderful on everything else.” Especially these chickpeas.

1. Weeknight Chicken With Creamy Mushrooms

With only a handful of ingredients (psst, three are in the title), this Big Little Recipe is almost as easy as opening a can.

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