What's Your Best Dish Disguised as a Sandwich?

In our latest recipe contest, we want to see your favorite knife-and-fork meal turned handheld.

April 15, 2022
Photo by James Ransom

In our last contest, we asked to see your new flavor combinations for an old classic— layer cake. We were blown away by the creativity of the submissions (especially our two finalists). This time around, we want to see that creativity channeled into a more savory pursuit: your best dish disguised as a sandwich!

We want to see a mash-up between your favorite knife-and-fork meal and the world's most perfect handheld food: the sandwich. Try a chicken cordon bleu torta, a chana masala pita wrap, a Korean BBQ French dip au jus (seriously, someone please do this)...just give the classics a twist!

Submissions are open from now until May 15 at 8 p.m. ET. Here are a few guiding points:

  • We welcome sandwiches for any time of the day (breakfast sandwiches make us happy too!)
  • This time around, we want your savory recipes (sorry, ice cream sandwiches)
  • Although we love a classic Cuban roll, you can get creative about your sandwich "bread"

The contest winner will receive a gift from the Food52 shop.

How To Enter:

If you already have a recipe on the site, go to that recipe page, hit "Edit Recipe" (under the photo), scroll down, hit "Submit my recipe to a contest," select the latest contest ("Your Best Dish Disguised as a Sandwich"), and save.

If you want to add a new recipe, head to your profile page, select "Recipes," click "Add a Recipe," upload it, hit "Submit my recipe to a contest," select the latest contest, and save.

We read every submission, and test as many as possible. But that’s a lot of reading and a lot of testing, so we’re counting on your help, too. Scroll through the submission pages and make (and favorite) any recipe that catches your eye. Then, share feedback on the recipe page. We'll take all this feedback into account as we narrow down the top five, which will be announced June 15.

Here's a full refresher on how the whole contest process works.

Have you had a creative sandwich that was a main course in disguise? Let us know in the comments.

Sandwich Inspiration

What dish disguised as a sandwich will you be dreaming up? Let us know in the comments.
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