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Too Many Cooks: Behind the Scenes

April 11, 2012

You'll be hearing from the staff at FOOD52 every week in Too Many Cooks, our group column in which we pool our answers to questions about food, cooking, life, and more.

You've heard about our favorite cooking gadgets and our kitchen tics, but inspired by the fabulous lunches in Christopher and Melissa's Canal House newsletter (check it out if you haven't already), we thought we'd start sharing the best discoveries from our food lives.

It was a truly beautiful weekend in New York. Between Easter, Passover, and the sunny weather, everyone had something to celebrate. We documented some of our fun moments -- some related to food and some not.

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"Easter eggs, ready for dying, and then the dying itself -- outside."
- Amanda

"This Sad Easter Pez had too much fun, abandoned between the passenger seat and the center console."
- Merrill

"A random surprise from Michael (a cheese board with a dome and "token of spring"),  and a crazy large egg display at the Conran shop (the carton said "free-range furniture"). Also, ramps!!"
- Kristy

"Haz U Seen My Briz-ket"?
- Peter

Jennifer, our test kitchen manager, shared these gorgeous shoots poking their heads through the soil -- signs of spring! -- as well as her family's marbled Easter eggs.

"A few months ago, my boyfriend's mother mailed us five jars of really amazing jam from the Applegate Valley in Oregon. We finished them off this weekend over plenty of buttered toast. And on Sunday, two friends and I had a picnic in McCarren Park to celebrate the warm weather with rosé, crackers, Italian lard bread, charcuterie (including something called "Baby Jesus salami," which was unexpectedly delicious), and cheese."
- Nozlee

"Here's a custard that I invented for my culinary school Menu Project. It's steeped with ginger and star anise, then topped with a mango gel. And that is an In and Out Double Double Animal Style. Got this in SF at the Fisherman's wharf. Ridiculously good."
- Amanda Li

"Industry City Distillery prints their own labels on a 1930s letterpress -- handmade labels for handmade vodka, all made in Brooklyn."
- Christina

"The first is the end slice of a braided challah that looked suspiciously like a rabbit. Then these are the eggs that my niece and I decorated, and the third is of some beet-pickled deviled eggs that I made.
- Anna

"Scattered with herbs, our Easter lamb and zucchini go into the oven. Easter dinner itself was the lamb, zucchini with tomatoes, and mashed potatoes."
- Laura

Brette made Genius macaroons to have at her family's Seder, where they (adorably) recite the ten plagues while wearing matching animal masks.

"Easter lambs in my neighborhood in Brooklyn…"
- Martine

"Do not forget about kitchen cleanup!"
- Jon

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Rhonda35 April 12, 2012
This is a fun new addition to the site! Our flat-coat retriever, Ruby, is also a pre-wash dish inspector. Max the lab would never stoop to that kind of behavior. I think my favorite out of all the photos and notes is the photo of Brette's family donning masks for their Seder. I love family traditions and all the quirks that go with them!
Merrill S. April 12, 2012
Salumeria Biellese's Petite Jesu ("Baby Jesus") is truly the best salami I've ever had. My husband and I literally obsess over it.
ChefJune April 12, 2012
I'll be looking for that salami!

How about Matzo Brei with ramps and green garlic? Doesn't always have to be sweet!
boulangere April 12, 2012
So glad to see someone else's dog pitching in.
Midge April 12, 2012
Love seeing the lamb cakes. My grandmother used to give us each one of own for Easter when we were kids.
EmilyNunn April 12, 2012
This is delightful.
Sherry A. April 11, 2012
I love the 'free-range furniture!'
creamtea April 11, 2012
R A H H H M P S !

I love the beet-dyed eggs.
aargersi April 11, 2012
I am absolutely stealing the beet pickled deviled egg idea. Also I had my first InNOut a couple weeks ago and was not IN THE KNOW about the whole secret menu deal until it was too late, so I made my own!

Is it time for ramps? I will have to run to the store and see if any wandered south to Texas ....
LucyLean April 11, 2012
Sad Easter Pez needs saving - perhaps Food 52 could start a home for abandoned food related characters?
JanetinTexas April 11, 2012
I had to comment on Jon's "kitchen clean up" photo because if I'm not mistaken, that's an English Springer Spaniel "cleaning up" and looks exactly like our Springer Spaniel Maisy who does the same "clean up" daily. I felt like I was seeing a photo from my own kitchen.
SKK April 11, 2012
Love this section and love the photos! Baby Jesus Salami? Who knew? Also, quite fond of Jon's photo called Kitchen Clean Up. We all need partners!