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Amanda's Kids' Lunch

May 17, 2012

"When I don't have much inspiration or if I have a more challenging ingredient, cream cheese is my secret weapon. Kids love cream cheese so it can help soften the blow of flavors like radish or pickled ramps. That's just what I packed here, along with fresh strawberries from the Union Square Greenmarket."
- Amanda

We hope Walker and Addie packed enough to share, because their lunch looks fantastic. What are you having?

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  • jessica_d
  • Shalini
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jessica_d May 17, 2012
Yum! I have fresh strawberries in my lunch, too. And a half a turkey sandwich and leftover homemade mushroom barley soup.
Shalini May 17, 2012
Yum. Beautiful colours in their lunch today! I would want this for my lunch, too. Must go get cream cheese!