This Week's Top 5 Hotline Questions

June 15, 2012

Do you use the Hotline? If you haven't been lately, you're missing out -- between discussions about chocolate sorbet and cherry pitting, questions about FOOD52 recipes, and discussions about the latest ban on foie gras, it's a lively place. Here are our top 5 Hotline questions of the week:

1. This week's Genius Chocolate Sorbet created lots of excitement. But, with no ice cream maker in sight, a number of FOOD52ers wondered if they could still make David Lebovit's creamy vegan sorbet without investing in a new kitchen appliance. As it turns out, you can indeed make sorbet without an ice cream maker! In fact, Lebovitz explains how on his blog. 

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2. In search of an efficient way to pit cherries, SKK asked FOOD52ers if they have any handy tricks up their sleeve. Sunkissed said: 

I just pitted 4 lbs of cherries in 15 minutes using a metal Wilton cake decorating tip. I used a star tip and it pushed only the pit out with no juicy after mess. Hands aren't stained either. BONUS!!! Yay!! I couldn't believe how easy it was. Just stick your thumb in the wide opening of the tip then insert the star end, give a little push. Wha-la! Cost for tip $1.79.

3. Meanwhile, babycakes16 wondered what they could make with freshly-picked blackberries. Answers ranged from cobbler to financiers and jams. What's your favorite recipe for blackberries? 

4. And, with 10 pounds of eggplant, Helen's All Night Diner asked the community what she should make, keeping in mind that she's already whipped up a batch of caponata and ratatouille. FOOD52ers had many ideas, inspiring her to make a spicy tagine as well as eggplant meatballs. 

5. Finally, as a result of the recent ban on foie gras in California, a debate developed over the ethics of gavage. As BoulderGalinTokyo noted, there is "Such passion on BOTH sides!"


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hardlikearmour June 15, 2012
That cherry pitting method seems genius and I want to buy some fresh cherries just to try it! I have a tiny critique, though, of the column. The eggplant question is from 8 months ago, so even though it's got some great ideas it doesn't exactly fit the week's top questions.