Summer Pickling & Preserving Potlucks

June 18, 2012

3 Ball Jars

If you haven’t heard, we here at FOOD52 like to get the party started.

We love it when you get together offline to cook and eat and be merry. We also like to inspire you to try new things while you're at it, and give you the tools to do it!

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First, we asked you to put up rhubarb; then you celebrated our first cookbook together. Last time, you gathered together and made mozzarella from scratch, and then you drizzled it all with California Olive Ranch’s olive oil.  

Now, in the honor of National Can It Forward Day, we want you to get together and jam, preserve, and pickle. On Saturday, July 14th, people all over the United States (and the world!) will be joining up and canning all the best that summer has to offer.

Don’t you want to join in? Here's how you can, FOOD52-style:

Anyone who’s interested in hosting or attending a FOOD52 Pickling & Preserving Potluck on July 14th, organize yourselves in the comments section below!

The first 30 hosts who write to editors@food52.com listing the location and the number of people expected to attend their event will get 6 coupons for Ball/Kerr jar sets (with anywhere from 9-12 jars per set, depending on the size you choose) -– that’s 6 complimentary sets of jars of your choice from a Ball or Kerr supplier near you (most supermarkets and hardware stores carry them!).

Jar Tops and Lids

A few more tips:

• If you’re hosting, feel free to invite your friends -– and to include other FOOD52ers that are in your area! 

• Jam or pickle whatever's in season near you. We like KelseytheNaptimeChef's Bread & Butter Pickles and Jennifer Perillo's Sweet & Savory Tomato Jam but feel free to go rogue. And you'll probably want some good snacks.

• When it’s finally party time, tune into the live canning demonstrations and Q&As on Ball’s website, and use the hashtag #canitforward on Twitter, Instagram, and all of your other social media portals. We want to follow along! 

• Make sure send us your photos and write-ups about your party to [email protected]; we can’t wait to feature them on FOOD52.

Now, go #canitforward !



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    Brette Warshaw
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    Nothing in the House // Emily Hilliard
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Brette Warshaw

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Brette W. July 25, 2012
Hi all,

Those who haven't sent in photos from their event, feel free to send them to [email protected]! There will be a post going up on Friday with photos from the events all around the country. Thanks!
Nothing I. July 20, 2012
Here's a blog post & photos of our pickling & preserving party in Washington DC:

Thanks so much for the jars and inspiration--we had a wonderful day!
em-i-lis July 16, 2012
20+ folks came to my canning class on Can It Forward Day. we celebrated preservation while putting up some apricot-peach-almond preserves. YUM! FUN!
goodbooze July 14, 2012
Had a great time today making tomato basil and lemon blueberry jam. Thanks Food52!
atlacm1 July 10, 2012
Anyone in Atlanta area interested? I'm hosting a potluck at The Cook's Warehouse in midtown Atlanta (Ansley Mall - Piedmont Rd @ Monroe Dr) from 10am to 2pm. Bring your produce and recipe and we'll supply the rest! Please let me know if you plan to attend so we can get a good headcount.
heidipie July 3, 2012
I'll host in Berkeley CA! I'll be a micro-batch skillet jam blowout!
heidipie July 3, 2012
oh, and we'll be six!
mlplouff July 2, 2012
I'll be hosting in Royal Oak, MI (metro Detroit), canning whatever looks fabulous at the Farmers Market that morning. Jam, pickles, chutney, all is possible. I like the sound of that tomato jam, though it may be a bit early for ripe tomatoes here.
kmw0919 July 2, 2012
A girlfriend and I will be hosting one in Arlington, VA. We're going to go to the farmer's market the day before, but will probably make a fruit jam.
goodbooze June 27, 2012
I'll be hosting in King of Prussia, PA! Definitely want to make a tomato jam since that is so much easier with extra people! Besides that, we can figure it out!
goodbooze June 27, 2012
I'll be hosting one in King of Prussia, PA. Definitely want to make a tomato jam since that is so much easier with a group. Besides that, I'm up for ideas!
Angela M. June 27, 2012
I am hosting in Chico, CA, 6 confirmed. Plum Jam! Plum Sauce! Plum Preserves! Anything to use up the plethora of plums raining down from our tree.
thisisalona June 26, 2012
if anyone is in the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv area and wants to do a Shuk-Canning session I will happily provide my kitchen!
atlacm1 June 25, 2012
I'm working on securing a large professional kitchen in Atlanta (Midtown area) to host a canning potluck. Not sure if any Atlanta Food52er's would be interested, but I'd like to know if you are. The kitchen can handle 15-20 folks comfortably. I know lots of folks who've been canning for years, so depending on work schedules, we should be able to get a good group together for the 1st Annual Atlanta "Can-It-Forward" Day!
atlacm1 July 10, 2012
I'll be hosting a potluck in Atlanta from 10am to 2pm at The Cook's Warehouse at Ansley Mall (midtown Atlanta). We'll be canning whatever looks fabulous at the Farmers Market that morning. Jam, pickles, chutney, all is possible -- just bring your produce and recipe(s). We'll supply the jars, canning tools, etc. I'll definitely be making some bacon jam and some peach preserves. I also like the sound of that tomato jam, though it depends on whether I can find some nice ripe organic tomatoes. We have space for more folks, so if you're interested in attending, please email me for more information. Also, if you'll need a lot of vinegar or sugar for your recipe, let me know so I make sure we have enough on hand. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday!
goodbooze June 25, 2012
I'd be interested in hosting one in King of Prussia, PA. Definitely something tomato related since that's easier to can with a group! Then whatever is fresh at the farmers market down the road. :)
dagmaraelza June 24, 2012
I can can...I don't know who the Food52ers are in Chicago though. Joan, are you in?
farromeque June 24, 2012
I'd love to make pickles with the senior center in New Fairfield, Ct. !!!
If you provide the canning stuff we'll be on our way . Help us keep busy and use the bounty of the summer.
pixelcookie June 24, 2012
Just called a bunch of friends who are now bringing friends. I will teach them all how to make pickled blueberries, horseradish dilly beans, and peach jam, up in Cornwall, NY. Right now I have 23 people coming.
AntoniaJames June 24, 2012
pixelcookie, do you have a recipe for the pickled blueberries that you can share? I have quite a few quarts of just-picked blueberries (from my bushes . . . . and this bumper crop is barely a week underway); I'd love to put up some blueberry pickles! Thanks so much. ;o)
SophieL June 24, 2012
Anyone hosting in Los Angeles, CA? I'm in the Glendale-Pasadena area.
friedathecat June 25, 2012
If anyone is hosting in the Los Angeles area, I would also like to attend. I am in N. Hollywood very close to Toluca Lake.
bmorecharmer June 24, 2012
Anyone interested in hosting in the Baltimore, MD area? I see that someone is hosting in DC, but I'd rather stay closer to home...
DONFAYENA June 24, 2012
Krogers has lids..