8 Sweet Blueberry Recipes

June 29, 2012

Though it's hard to make a box of blueberries last for more than a couple of minutes here at FOOD52, there's nothing like blueberry-filled pancakes, tarts, muffins, and more. So, if you're like us and you find yourself scarfing down a punnet of ripe blueberries before the morning is even over, be sure to save some for your kitchen, because we've got eight blueberry recipes you'll be craving all summer long. 

Crepes with Lemon Curd & Blueberry Compote by Ms. T

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Lemony Cream Cheese Pancakes with Blueberries by ENunn

Blueberry Grappa Sauce by amanda

Mom's Blueberry-Coconut Muffins by Rhonda35

Berry Summer Pudding by merrill

Blueberry Tart by SmallKitchCara

Blueberry Almond Breakfast Polenta by One Hungry Mama

Blueberry Ice Cream by merrill


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AntoniaJames June 29, 2012
Perfect timing!! I'm taking a dessert to a dinner party tonight, and with our bushes out front heavy with ripe blueberries, that tart will be just right! Not to mention that the early peaches have been simply gorgeous, and Friday's my favorite market day. Thanks so much for this timely post. ;o)