Dress Up the Thanksgiving Table

November  5, 2012

The Thanksgiving table is a place for tradition. You probably have your routine, your classic menu, your customary serving dishes and place settings, but why not shake things up a bit? Tradition is great, but adding a new piece or two never hurts. Here are 6 items we'd love to dress up our holiday tables with. 

Champagne Coupe

Sipping a sparkly beverage from a coupe makes any occasion feel a little more festive.

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We love these light wood plates. The large platter would look lovely on any table, and could maybe even fit a small-ish turkey. If you like the small dishes (we do, too!) may we suggest serving dessert on them


Who knew a trivet could be so pretty? Leave it on your table as a decoration before the big feast, then let it serve its purpose and protect your table from hot dishes. 

Serving Dish

And what will you put on top of that pretty trivet? A beautiful covered serving dish, of course. 


Candlesticks always have a place at the table. 


If you need to pick up some new candles, try these organic beeswax tapers. (They pair beautifully with the candlesticks above.) 

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blanka.n November 16, 2012
I have trivet!
blanka.n November 16, 2012
I'm struggling with a difficult job right now but have some great ideas about how to set my table,
em-i-lis November 7, 2012
This is such a lovely collection of items. I want that trivet too!!
Author Comment
Kristy M. November 7, 2012
So glad you like this collection! That trivet is #1 on my list, but I really would love to have all of them.
Amanda H. November 6, 2012
I'm putting that trivet on my Christmas list!