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Too Many Cooks: Holiday GIF Guide

December 25, 2012

You'll be hearing from the staff at FOOD52 every week in Too Many Cooks, our group column in which we pool our answers to questions about food, cooking, life, and more.

By now, we've seen gift guide after gift guide (we've even built one of our own, but who's counting?). We're certainly not adverse to presents -- we're normal, after all -- but we're growing a bit tired of gifty roundups, all perfect and packaged and full of things. What's the cure for a few week's worth of gifting overdrive?

Animated pictures, of course.

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For this week's Too Many Cooks, we'll be running a Holiday GIF Guide. Let's see your holiday best. 

And now, we'll let the fun develop on its own. 

Veronica: Two words -- Macaulay Culkin.

Karl: Time to spread holiday cheer, get close with family and bust out the holiday sweaters!

Michael: My family doesn't celebrate Christmas, but I presume that it involves lots of ham, lots of sweets, and lots of whatever this is.

Amanda Li: Watch and recite Love Actually, eat everything in sight, and regret nothing.

Marian: Christmas to me is all about cheer!

Maddy: I'll be expertly hanging Christmas lights and trying to decorate appropriately.

Lindsay-Jean: Holiday festivities make me want to dance a jig

Ryan: I"ll be busy prancing around singing along to my favorite Christmas movies, avoiding rabid presents, and doing everything I can to not end up like last year.

Amanda: No Christmas is complete without the Heat Miser zapping the Snow Miser in the bum.

Gheanna: I'll probably feel like this on Christmas, but I'll have this reaction if I hear we're out of mulled wine.

Merrill: My husband often waits until the last minute to get me a present. Not sure why he thinks the clearance shelf at Sam Goody is a good place to look.

James: I'm sure this is what it looks like when my wife opens her present from me on Christmas morning….

Kristen: When opening presents, of course we get dressed first and we turn on traditional Christmas music

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