13 Weekday Breakfast Recipes

January 21, 2015

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but we seldom treat it as such. We fall into ruts with toast or cereal; or we skip it altogether, opting instead to snooze for 10 more minutes. If you give it a chance, though, breakfast can brighten your morning and get your day started on a delicious (and healthful!) note. We're revisiting this post from a couple years back because it's full of flavorful, totally-not-boring breakfast recipes. We also added a few new favorites, all of which are good enough to get you out of bed -- no snooze button necessary.

20 Minute Apple Turnovers by Stacy

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Museli with Lemon and Dates by fiveandspice


"Moroccan Guacamole" Toasts with Fried Egg by creamtea


Avocado, Lox, and Pickled Onion on Crispbread by fiveandspice


Brie and Butter Grits with Honey and Raspberry Compote by Teresa


Morning Date Shake by AGIRLANDAPIG


Breakfast Fried Rice by Kathleen @HapaNom


What I Do For Love Bran Muffins by drbabs


Daniel Patterson's Poached Scrambled Eggs by Genius Recipes


Toasted Almond and Coconut Quinoa Porridge by Gena Hamshaw


Triple Pomegranate Smoothie by EmilyC


Nekisia Davis' Olive Oil and Maple Granola by Genius Recipes


Yogurt with Toasted Quinoa, Dates, and Almonds by Amanda Hesser


Hungry for more?

Fry the perfect egg.

• Serve your breakfast on the sunny side.

• See our team's dream breakfasts.


Tell us: How do you stay out of a breakfast rut?

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Marian Bull

Written by: Marian Bull



foods I. July 16, 2015
Very Good. It's Great.
Easy Breakfast Recipes |
foods I. July 16, 2015
Very Good. It's Great.
Easy Breakfast Recipes |
Rita D. December 8, 2014
All of those recipes sound delicious . . .
Shelley M. December 1, 2014
They all look good, though I don't know if I'd want a smoothie on a cold winter morning.
Team C. January 23, 2013
I like cheesecake for breakfast
Christina @. January 15, 2013
When I go to the UK, one of my first stops is at a grocery store, and once I've hit the chocolates, I go to the dairy department to buy rhubarb yogurt. I am in love with the stuff! Never seen it in the US, so I make my own in the summer. I also add granola to it to add some crunch! Here's my homemade concoction:
Marian B. January 16, 2013
Wow! That sounds amazing. I've never heard of rhubarb yogurt.
char&feather January 15, 2013
Breakfast makes my heart sing! I'm pleased to be able to vouch for 4 of these recipes. The overnight oats are amazing (I make it on Sundays and fill mason jars with it to last all week). The granola is a crowd pleaser (good with milk, GREAT with yogurt).
Marian B. January 15, 2013
I also like the granola by the handful. It always disappears more quickly than I expect it to....
Christina @. January 15, 2013
I too love granola with yogurt!!
aargersi January 15, 2013
I am not sure this keeps me out of a rut but any time a poached egg and a whole lot of Louisiana Hot Sauce is involved, I am pretty darn happy ... be it on grits or oatmeal or an English muffin or whatever ....
Marian B. January 15, 2013
I love hot sauce on pretty much any savory breakfast -- especially grits!
chefpatty January 15, 2013
Thanks for these inspiring ideas for a better breakfast.
Kristen M. January 15, 2013
Thanks for suggesting this post to us, chefpatty!