9 Chili Recipes

January 22, 2013

There are few things as lovable -- as comforting, as forgiving, as deeply soul- and body-satisfying -- as chili in the winter. These are chilis for every mood, every whim, every fancy, to soothe any chills or stress: some with beans, some without, some with pork or beef or chicken or lamb. Take your pick, head to the stove, and whip up a double batch. Don't forget the cornbread and the beer.

Short Rib Chili by lastnightsdinner

Short Rib Chili

Shop the Story


Tuxedo Chili by TheRunawaySpoon

Tuxedo Chili


A Bowl of Red by wssmom

Bowl of Red


Just Good Chili by Jestei

Just Good Chili


Chili Gumbo by aargersi

Chili Gumbo


Indian Spiced Lamb Chili by Divya Kaur

Indian Spiced Lamb Chili


Frito Pie by arielleclementine

Frito Pie


Chili al Pastor by hardlikearmour

Chili al Pastor


A Bowl of Green by tuscanfoodie

Bowl of Green


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Denise D. January 27, 2013
Found it! on (plus a vegan version)on the homepage.
kitblu January 27, 2013
vegan means no meat!
abearlake January 27, 2013
click on the words "vegan version". It will take you to it.
Betsie January 27, 2013
Here's one more for the list: Mama's Many Bean Chili:
btesman January 27, 2013
Which one is vegan??
tamater S. January 28, 2013
Like many others, my friends and I were wild for The New Laurel's Kitchen recipe, Chili Con Elote, long before we were vegetarian. It's a very basic, classic recipe. It's all over the net, but here's one link:
margie H. January 22, 2013
You would enjoy my "Pistol Pete" vegan chili. Sweet potato, black bean and 5 peppers - got some serious sweet heat goin' on. Bonus - gluten free.