And for Dessert, Sea Salt Caramels

January 24, 2013

Every week we take a peek inside the lunches of the luckiest kids in Brooklyn. Read on, suppress your jealousy, and get a little brown bag inspiration. 

Today, lunch is sandwiches made with wheat bread from Whole Foods Market -- just wheaty enough and the perfect toasting bread -- with cream cheese, smoked salmon, and watermelon radishes. Sliced apple on the side (a nice clean flavor to go with the rich sandwich), and sea salt caramels for dessert, wrapped in old-timey fashion, which gets me every time!

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Egg Salad Sandwich

Avocado Tartine

Pan Bagnat


Yunah January 25, 2013
how about a subsection to this -
What Amandas Kids Refused to Eat of Their Lunch.
include pics. please.
passifloraedulis January 26, 2013
Haha--yes. Do Amanda's kids trade for Lunchables? Etc.

This lunch looks delicious.
slidedtd January 27, 2013
They always have great lunches, but do they ever get any of the classics? PB and j? Dunkaroos??
Yessica April 1, 2013
Ha! yes that would be so interesting to read/see. My child is very adventurous but these kiddos eat great! I would also like to have the "lunch wear" they have for my lunch. It fits everything oh so perfectly.
Literary E. January 25, 2013
That looks really sublime. Pack my lunches?