A Spicy, Boozy New Orleans Party Menu

February  1, 2013

The biggest football game of the year is in New Orleans: a city of lights, of tipsy streets, of slushees, of fried food and jambalaya. Can you think of a better reason to throw a party this Sunday?

The food of New Orleans lends itself perfectly to (hopefully) celebratory football-watching. So choose a gumbo, an oyster preparation and a spicy cocktail, and invite your friends. You've got an awesome Sunday ahead of you.

Horseradish Vodka Bloody Mary by NWB

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Horseradish Vodka Bloody Mary


Fried Oysters with Saffron Aioli by Savorykitchen

Fried Oysters


Fried Scallop Sandwich by fiveandspice


Crab Beignets with Aioli Dipping Sauce by ChefJune

Crab Beignets


Brown Rice Jambalaya-ish by healthierkitchen

Brown Rice Jambalaya-ish


Barbecue Shrimp: A Down-Home, Messy, Good Meal by Waverly

barbecue shrimp


Cornbread with Chorizo by boulangere

Cornbread with Chorizo


Shrimp Gumbo by drbabs

Shrimp Gumbo


Chili Gumbo by aargersi

Chili Gumbo


Bourbon Chocolate Bread Pudding by student epicure

Get ready for game day:

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