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Too Many Cooks: Summer Refreshment

July 12, 2013

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It's hot out. And while nobody loves sweating profusely or getting a sunburn, there is something appealing about the heat: extended evenings spent outside with friends, breaking out the grill, jumping in the pool, and of course, quenching your thirst with your favorite cold beverage. So this week, we asked our team:

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What's your favorite summer refreshement?

Are you on team rosé? Or team lemonade? Or you you need a constant supply of iced coffee? Tell us in the comments!

Kenzi: Rosé Rosé Rosé Rosé Rosé Rosé Rosé Rosé Rosé Rosé Rosé Rosé. (Too much?)

Brette: +1000 on the rosé. My favorite quote about rosé, from Adam Sachs: "Rosé is kryptonite to clichés. Rosé is all, like, whatèvre. Tell it that’s not even a real word, and rosé just shrugs and pours another glass for its hot girlfriend."

Christina: I'm with Kenzi. Also, the best lemonade to drink while working.

Maddy: Campari and soda with lime. For daytime: an Arnold Palmer.


Marian: Aperol spritz! Aperol spritz! In a huge wine glass. Also an Americano.

Kenzi: Americano +2. Before my Rosé.

Michael: Bitters and soda.

Jennifer: Vodka, Campari, and soda with a lemon twist!

Lauren: Gin and tonic with lemon and a lime. I gave this same response to another TMC

Amanda Li: Watermelon juice.

Karl: Watermelon agua fresca! And beer.

Amelia: A Pimm's Cup! It's the only thing I want when it's really hot out.

Bea: Pimm's cup with fresh mint!

Amanda: Oh, so many! I do love watermelon juice. And Pimm's cup always. But my go-to is Lillet on ice with some fruit tossed in. 

Emma: Black iced coffee, and please don't skimp on the ice.

Maggie: Is it boring to say that I want an iced latte? If yes, I'll have a blackberry gin fizz.

Sarah: Strong iced tea.

Bryce: Arnold Palmer by day, Flirtini by night (Champagne, vodka and pineapple juice).

Lindsay: Dang it. There are too many good ones to +1 without sounding like I have a problem. So I'm going with dry sparkling wine and coconut flavored sparkling water. Bubbles for the win.

Allison: BBC’s (banana, Bailey’s, and cream, blended with ice) topped with rum floaters. 

Hannah: Nobody likes a good (root beer) float?!

Stephanie: I'm so on team root beer float. I wasted way too much time thinking I didn't like them. What a fool! But also, a combo of gin, grapefruit, and St. Germaine.

Merrill: Late to the party, but whatèvre. Rosé for the win.

Tells us: What's your beverage of choice when you need to cool down?

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Emma Wartzman

Written by: Emma Wartzman


HalfPint July 15, 2013
I'm all set for breaking out my strawberry shrub.
Kacia July 15, 2013
Unsweetened iced green or passion tea. Or an iced Americano, if I really need a pick-me-up.
JohnZ July 14, 2013
Bootleggers! Super easy and great for outdoor parties!

Grab a bunch of mint leaves(a big bunch) and stuff it into a blender. Pour one can of frozen lemonade into the blender, then pulse generously.

Now fill a collins glass with ice (I use mason jars), add 1-2 shots of booze (any will do, but I prefer rum), a shot to a shot and a half of the mint syrup (1-1.5oz), then top with club soda. Garnish with a mint leaf, and both a lemon and lime slice. Now hand it to a guest, and make another for yourself!
ZombieCupcake July 13, 2013
Simple water with cucumber slices
Emma W. July 14, 2013
Good one!
ChefJune July 13, 2013
@Emma: everyone (with any sense) loves a good root beer float!
My choices: Chilled white wine, rosé, limeade, iced black coffee, unsweetened ice tea, and my newbie, that Frozen Watermelon Mint Gin Fizz I tested last weekend.
Emma W. July 14, 2013
Incredibly true! I would never, ever turn down a root beer float (although I do wonder if this is pushing the border of what counts as a drink...)
ryanm July 12, 2013
Kir Normand (hard cider + cassis)
Prosecco + Aperol
A nice sidecar
Marian B. July 14, 2013
Love Prosecco + Aperol!
ryanm July 15, 2013
I've never understood ordering Aperol Spritz over Prosecco + Aperol. The former just seems to me like a way of making money by watering down an already not particularly potent drink. Several steamy summers' worth of intense research has confirmed that Prosecco + Aperol is just as refreshing as Aperol Spritz, and the flavors are purer as well.
Alyssa C. July 12, 2013
Sobe has a refreshing green tea flavor. Throw a splash of gin with some ice and I'm good to chill.
fiveandspice July 12, 2013
Team rosé all the way! Brette, I have that quote saved to my desktop from the first time I read that article. Just so I could look at it over and over again and be like, "I wish I had written that."
Brooklynite July 12, 2013
That's it, I'm doing a summer beer tasting for you guys.