Test Kitchen Outtakes: Here Comes Provisions

July 17, 2013

Here at Food52, change is in the air, and we couldn't be more excited. We recently re-did our logo. Our office is full of boxes upon boxes of kitchenware and delicious samples. The launch of Provisions is getting closer.

Yesterday, we received these stickers in the mail -- if you order something from Provisions, you'll get one, too. Amanda started passing them out like candy, and we quickly stuck them onto everything in sight.

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We just had to celebrate by making one of our favorite recipes (Marcella sauce!) in a beautiful pot and storing it in a cute jar. You'll soon be able to buy this jar. In the meantime, just make yourself some sauce.

Pro tip: don't forget to sprinkle Maldon salt on top of everything. We've begun collecting the coolest looking, hugest flakes we find. 

Finally we were inspired (okay, required) to clean out the freezer in order to make room for a Provisions event later this week. Cleaning might not be fun, but finding and eating these frozen s'mores certainly was. It was basically a hacked version of Phyllis' S'mores Ice Cream, which we highly recommend you try.

Make sure to sign up for Provisions to see what else is in store -- and follow us on Instagram for more behind-the-scenes action.

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Emma Wartzman

Written by: Emma Wartzman