In Cooking from Every Angle, we hear from our fearless leaders: Food52 co-founders Amanda & Merrill.

Today: Amanda shares why you should be baking your eggs.

Baked eggs from Food52 Baked eggs from Food52

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Amanda is on a quest to take back the baked egg, and she's written a manifesto -- and a how-to -- over on Design Sponge. Today, she's featured in their In The Kitchen series, and she's spreading the baked-egg love all over the internet.

See the recipe -- and photo tutorial -- over on Design Sponge, and rethink your egg game this weekend.

 Baked eggs from Food52

Photos by James Ransom 

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    elizabeth smith
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    John Davidson
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elizabeth S. November 6, 2013
This recipe brought bake memories of Home Ec...yes I am of that generation. But our very first dish was Shirred Eggs, which as I recall were made just like your recipe. And they were wonderful. With so many people keeping chickens these days, I think we need all the great egg dishes we can find.
LASGarcia October 31, 2013
Smear some refried beans in the bottom of the dish and sprinkle some shredded cheese on top. Serve with a ranchero sauce or salsa. If your baking dish is deep enough you could put the sauce/salsa on top of eggs and then add cheese.
sel October 31, 2013
that sounds good too, a type of eggs ranchero without the corn tortilla under it all...
Hey, now that is an idea....ranchero eggs, yum! sounds even better then just plain
baked eggs. A littlw spice never hurt...and that fried crisp corn tortilla, well,
lets do the whole thing right :)
sel October 30, 2013
Ina, over at Barefoot...has a wonderful recipe. Love the idea
of the herbs she uses.....check it out you guys....
John D. October 30, 2013
Never made them before and now I am going to try this recipe. It looks good and seems very easy. Locating the dishes may be a challenge.
Pat F. October 30, 2013
A dash of Worcestershire before baking is a nice addition.
twinwillow October 28, 2013
I bake my eggs in a shallow French au gratin swimming in extra virgin olive oil with a little salt and then fresh cracked black pepper to finish.
lydia.sugarman October 28, 2013
I use the same kind of oval gratin dish and half-and-half because that's what I usually have on hand.
Moe R. October 28, 2013
I made these. I used a deeper dish that was not as big around. Not a good choice as the middle was runny while the outside overcooked. Needs to be shallow, as pictured.

But the flavor was good.

I also wonder about 3 T of cream -- I will back off on that next time. Anyone have a comment about that?

JustPoppin B. October 30, 2013
What 3T of cream? It says 1T of cream per ramekin of 2 eggs.
Moe R. October 30, 2013
Right you are. Thanks!
JustPoppin B. October 30, 2013
Great. I was afraid that maybe I was missing something. From folks' comments it sounds like 1T worked out well for them.
EmFraiche October 28, 2013
I made these eggs this morning without the cream. Absolutely lovely!
emery October 27, 2013
This was the first thing we made in home ec. in 1963 --everything old is new again. We called them shirred eggs.
lydia.sugarman October 27, 2013
I fell in love with baked eggs on my first trip to Paris. We were staying with a friend in the Pigalle. Several morning founds us at the neighborhood corner bistro eating their baked eggs before heading out to explore. Eggs, cream, butter, a little salt, served with hunks of crusty baguette. Simple. Heaven. These became standard weekend breakfast fare for years upon our return.

Every time I look at the single baking dishes in the cupboard, all those memories come flooding back. Thanks for the reminder of the the comforting, decadent, voluptuous baked egg dish. I will definitely be making them again on a regular basis.
juliunruly October 27, 2013
I had some problems with this recipe. First, my eggs took much longer to set – at least 20 minutes. The amount of cream used made it hard to tell when they were done, and I felt that it was totally overwhelming in the finished product. It was like eggs poached in cream, as opposed to a baked egg dish with a little cream in it.
CFrance October 30, 2013
How could 1 Tb of cream be overwhelming? I've made these in custard cups--single egg to a cup, 1 T cream poured over, salt & pepper, parsley, sprinkle of parmesan. Lovely. They took around 17 minutes to set up.
juliunruly October 30, 2013
Look like I misread the recipe when I made these. I was only cooking for myself, and put all 3T of cream in my one dish with the two eggs in it. However, the recipe now says *4* tablespoons, so it's definitely been edited. Maybe it was misleading when I made it this weekend and they've since fixed it? Who knows.
CFrance October 30, 2013
Yeah, I can see how 3T of cream would be overwhelming! Looks like you're right about recipe being edited.
JadeTree October 27, 2013
Perfect Sunday breakfast; this finally spurred me to try baked eggs. Thank you!
virginia October 27, 2013
made them this morning and it was a big hit. once cooked i topped with parmesan cheese and fire roasted good!
ohhaylsno October 26, 2013
I love baked eggs. I usually put buttered breadcrumbs at the bottom of the ramekin before cracking in the eggs, adds some texture.
cucina D. October 25, 2013
Wonderful article Amanda... I am going to try some baked eggs for my late Sunday morning breakfast.
I love mixing in mushrooms, spinach and maybe even fresh chopped tomatoes for a rich flavor base