A Kale Party

January  6, 2014

Food52's Managing Editor Brette Warshaw is throwing no-stress weeknight parties for anyone, anytime, and (almost) every kitchen. You're invited.

Today: Go on, throw a January-appropriate dinner party. Here's the plan.

Kale from Food52

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This is not a joke. This is not a skit from Portlandia, or some satire of life in Brooklyn. I am not a hipster, nor am I a vegan, nor am I someone who avoids martinis and steak the first week of January.

And yet, I'm telling you to throw a kale party.

January isn't a hot month for dinner parties -- because people are over all that party food. But why should oysters and Champagne and roasts and cookies have all the fun? What's wrong with buying bags and bags of greens and throwing a party -- and celebrating things that are actually pretty good for us?

I can also tell you that this is probably the easiest, most low-maintenance dinner party you've ever thrown, and that your guests will thank you profusely, and that your bowls and plates will be scraped clean.

Are you sold yet? Read on. January just got a lot more fun.

The Menu

Kale Salad with Apples and Hazelnuts
Yam and Peanut Stew with Kale
Easy Kale Chips
Triple Pomegranate Smoothie

The night before: Toast your hazelnuts for your kale salad. Make your Yam and Peanut Stew; it'll get even better after a day in the fridge. 

Yam and Peanut stew from Food52

When you get home from work: Make your kale chips. Pile them into a bowl.

Right before your guests arrive: Prep your kale salad, leaving out the apple, cheese, and hazelnuts. You'll put those on right before serving. Start warming up your stew. Leave out the kale chips for your guests to snack on.

Kale salad from Food52 

Dinner time: GIve your salad a final toss, then garnish your stew with peanuts and scallions. Feel virtuous. Eat with abandon.

When it's time for dessert: Make a giant batch of pomegranate smoothies. Serve them with twisty straws. Cheers!

Triple Pomegranate Smoothie from Food52

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mcs3000 January 7, 2014
Props to @aargersi for that tip!
eat C. January 6, 2014
I took a similar approach with my cooking club: this month all dishes are from Ottolenghi's vegetarian cookbook, Plenty. A veggie-centric menu is the only way to convince people to show up to a dinner party in January, I've found!
Brette W. January 6, 2014
Exactly! I'd totally come over for that dinner party.
eat C. January 6, 2014
Thanks Brette! I'm loving the idea of this kale party too, though I may be biased because I have a healthy addiction to kale. :)
Pegeen January 6, 2014
No Kale-tinis?! ;-) I've made the soup before and it was delicious. Used about the half the cumin though and had surplus cashews so ground them up to use in place of the peanut butter. Very tasty. Looking forward to trying the salad.
Brette W. January 6, 2014
Sounds awesome! Love the idea of the cashews.
aargersi January 6, 2014
I love the kale party! I will throw in a word of advice re: kale chips - make them enough in advance that you can then air out your house, because while they are cooking they smell like a big giant fart and will spread that joy throughout the house. Which is not how you want to greet your guests. Ask me how I know.
Brette W. January 6, 2014
Wow that is amazing advice, thank you for saving me. Also did you see this hotline thread? #winterproduce
aargersi January 6, 2014
Ha! Hilarious! In the spirit of juvenile but hilarious: