Anyone have any ideas on what to do with a dozen quail eggs?



Jon P. November 12, 2010
Drop a yolk into a the middle of a bowl of risotto immediately before serving.
Kitchen B. November 11, 2010
I love quails scotch eggs like luvcookbooks. I have a no fry recipe which I made months ago and was a HUGE hit. Here's the recipe which can be adjusted when using normal eggs.
American G. November 10, 2010
Homemade white sauce pizza with bacon, when you take out the pizza from the oven, immediately crack the eggs on the pizza. Let rest for a few minutes. The whites will cook, but the yolks will break beautifully. Serve with arugula salad. Yum!
luvcookbooks November 10, 2010
I think tiny Scotch Eggs. They always seem like too much with hen's eggs, but might be a perfect bite with quail eggs. Keep us posted!!
pierino November 10, 2010
Poach, poach, poach and maybe serve in individual fried (grated) potato baskets, kind of like a little nest.
mrslarkin November 9, 2010
Can you juggle? heh heh. This recipe for Chinese Tea Eggs looks cool:
vvvanessa November 9, 2010
there's also steak tartare. and i second the shooters. you can just break off the tops, add your poison (i agree with the sriracha idea, and there's also spicy pickled veggies and bacon crumbles), and then shoot them.
TiggyBee November 9, 2010
Thank you all for the great and thoughtful ideas! A tough choice lies ahead...
linzarella November 9, 2010
Finish off a sushi meal the traditional way, with a raw quail egg shooter: separate the quail egg yolk from the white, put the yolk at the bottom of a shot glass, top with a tiny dot of sriracha, and take the shot. Let the yolk slowly dissolve under your tongue. Sweet oozing heaven...
dymnyno November 9, 2010
I love to hard boil the eggs and then pickle them with a little cider vinegar. If you use juice from pickled beets , the eggs become bright pink. They are great in salads. Or, just to eat.
nutcakes November 9, 2010
Boil and use as garnish for Salad Nicoise. Poach and use to fill braised artichoke bottoms. Use yolk only raw over tuna tartare.
aargersi November 9, 2010
Have a party! You now have the cutes food item ever in your posession!
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