Could you use brown sugar or even white sugar in the recipe?

Flo Braker's Pains D’Amande
Recipe question for: Flo Braker's Pains D’Amande


SueonFood December 12, 2011
Good point! I guess I was thinking of the demerara sugar to substitute the brown sugar for.
hardlikearmour December 12, 2011
I would think you could. If I were going to try it I probably use a blend of white sugar (3/4) and light brown sugar (1/4). I'd also measure by weight, rather than volume.
SueonFood December 12, 2011
That's a good idea to weigh it. I was leaning toward all browns sugar, but maybe I will mix them.
hardlikearmour December 12, 2011
The raw sugar has very little brown sugar flavor to my palate.
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