Distracted while making the wet part of the recipe. is the dough beyond redemption, shd I toss the dough out?

1st mistake.. I forgot to allow the sugar / butter mixture to cool before combining with the flour.
2nd mistake: forgot to add the almonds into the syrup prior to adding to the flour, incorporated the almonds by tossing them into the pool of liquid in the flour..
the dough is sitting in the freezer, is it worth going ahead & baking it?

Flo Braker's Pains D’Amande
Recipe question for: Flo Braker's Pains D’Amande


Kristen M. December 16, 2011
Hooray! Thanks for letting us know.
Panfusine December 16, 2011
Thanks again Kristen, They turned out great!
Panfusine December 15, 2011
Thanks Kristen!
Kristen M. December 15, 2011
Absolutely! In fact, David Lebovitz doesn't bother with the cooling period, but I wanted to stay truest to Flo Braker's version, since she was so painstaking in her recipe development.
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