I am planning a second attempt at souffle- the first time, the top browned but the inside remained raw. I have heard it is best to cook them



Erica,Schneid December 16, 2011
Thanks- my first attempt was with the rack in the middle. My other concern is that I have an older gas stove and the heat is pretty concentrated on the bottom. I'm thinking I'll just have to experiment and see what happens :)
Greenstuff December 15, 2011
Yes, that's true. Was your first attempt at the top of the oven? When you "get" it, you won't have that problem. You might have some rise more than others, but you shouldn't have one that's raw in the middle and done (or overdone) on top.

Erica,Schneid December 15, 2011
Thx, I didn't know it was cut off! I've heard it's best to cook them in the bottom third of the oven so they rise and the tops don't burn- thoughts?
Kristy M. December 15, 2011
Your question got cut off. Can we still help you? What have you heard is the best way to cook them?
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