What is savory

  • Posted by: maggie37
  • December 16, 2011


AntoniaJames December 16, 2011
When used as a noun, "savory" means the herb. I cook with it a lot in the winter, especially in dishes with shell beans. It goes particularly well with thyme. (I like to cook it with ricotta whey and thyme in polenta, which I then roast.) When used as an adjective, "savory" generally means something that is not sweet. But it also implies a certain richness of flavor. Bland foods that are not sweet, e.g., white rice or celery, are not savory. Non-sweet dishes made with herbs, aromatics, olives, condiments such as soy, tamari or worcestershire sauce, and/or good cheese or toasted nuts would almost without exception be described as "savory." ;o)
Amanda H. December 16, 2011
It has a strong woodsy and medicinal aroma -- for substitutes I'd combine marjoram and thyme or marjoram and rosemary.
lorigoldsby December 16, 2011
Savory is a green herb. Are you looking for a substitute?
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