What is a good slightly savory pie crust?

For a sweet potato pie with some savory elements



chiaralucia December 5, 2011
This is all such great advice! I'm going to use elements of every post and I bet it will come out great. I'll be sure to report back. Thank you all so much!
lorigoldsby December 5, 2011
I second Anita's recommendation for rosemary in the pie crust!
cranberry December 5, 2011
I have followed my regular pie crust recipe but used lard (home-rendered from pork leaf lard) instead of butter or shortening. It gave it a more savory flavor.
Anitalectric December 4, 2011
I remember reading somewhere that Mary Cleaver, a well known caterer in NYC, uses chicken broth in her savory pie crusts instead of water. I thought this was a good idea and may try it some day with veggie broth. Also, there is no pie crust more deliciously savory and aromatic than one that has herbs like rosemary and thyme chopped fine and mixed in. Mmmm! Had a pot pie like this at Counter and it still haunts me.
sdebrango December 1, 2011
Here is a fabulous recipe chef kevin used for cornish pasties:
hardlikearmour December 1, 2011
I second sdebrango's nomination! The recipe will make enough crust for 2 single crust pies.
beyondcelery December 1, 2011
I'd just use your basic pie crust recipe and put a lot of black pepper in it--maybe 2 tsp freshly ground. It'll give it that beautiful pepperiness, the tingle on the tongue, and it's divine with sweet potato. It'll also hearken back to medieval holiday cuisine, where black pepper was always a main ingredient on the lord's table.
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