A question about a recipe: Ann Seranne's Rib Roast of Beef

Well, I thought I'd fully planned my Christmas Day menu, and then I saw this. What would serve with it for your perfect, all FOOD52 (of course) holiday menu? Make-ahead dishes -- significant advance prep or making it all a day or two before -- with a lot of color are particularly appreciated here. Would love any and all ideas. No bell peppers, chilis, paprika, etc., please. And I'm making an apple tart for dessert, but might make a second dessert, too. Thanks so much, everyone. ;o)



AntoniaJames December 27, 2011
Tarragon, I agree, Merrill's parsnip and potato mash is fabulous; in fact, I'm preparing it for dinner tonight (barring any surprises in the year-end deal I'm negotiating this afternoon). With the mash I'll be serving a spatchcocked braise-roasted chicken, cooked with sliced Italian sausage and artichoke hearts, a favorite here, inspired by a stove-top braised chicken dish by Merrill using most of the same ingredients. ;o)
Tarragon December 27, 2011
It doesn't have color, but Merrill's parsnip potato mash is fabulous and is totally do ahead.
ms.brownstein December 27, 2011
I also make haricot verts with butter and shallots which is done fully on the top of the stove. They taste absolutely fabulous and look elegant.
ms.brownstein December 27, 2011
I put my roast in the warming drawer after the two hours in the oven at the off position and then I used the oven to bake my rolls and baked potatoes. I baked the pies in the early morning.
Bevi December 18, 2011
Carrots Vichy would also be very colorful with a nice sprinkling of parsley. So easy - just put everything in a flat saucepan except the chicken stock, and turn on the heat 20 minutes before dinner! You get a beautiful glaze, and we are talking 5 ingredients - carrots, chicken stock, butter, sugar, and S&P. Oh, parsley makes 6! :-)
Bevi December 18, 2011
I mean, prep your carrots and throw all the other items in 20 minutes before serving. Sorry!
fearoffrying December 18, 2011
How about popovers, and twice baked potatoes? I do a lot of make ahead stuff. I even do a make ahead mashed potato casserole. Au jus is great with this, either homemade or from a mix. (the homemade is much better, of course.) Horseradish cream, a green veggie (broccoli casserole or brussels sprouts with bacon) would round out the meal. Don't forget the nice red wine!
Bevi December 17, 2011
Your haricots verts? Or sdebrango's warm salad with cherry tomatoes, haricots verts and pancetta? http://www.food52.com/recipes/13923_warm_salad_with_cherry_tomatoharicot_vert_and_pancetta
That dish is very Christmas-y! And you can make it ahead - the flavors really meld together and we love it.

lorigoldsby December 16, 2011
Yorkshire puddings? My English friend chided me for using half and half, but I think the milk off the farm for the original recipe was probably closer to that than the homogenized milk we buy at the grocery. You could use some of the drippings in place of or with the oil...http://www.food52.com/recipes/15128_easy_yorkshire_pudding
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