A question about a recipe: Ann Seranne's Rib Roast of Beef

My thermometer (with cord) can only withstand temps to 450..any suggestions of how to adjust cooking time for this lower temp? Roast is 4.5 lbs. Just need a rough estimate, thermometer will do the rest. Thanks very much!

  • Posted by: jott
  • December 31, 2011
Ann Seranne's Rib Roast of Beef
Recipe question for: Ann Seranne's Rib Roast of Beef


Chef L. December 31, 2011
Where in the recipe does it say "insert thermometer"? You do not need a thermometer Silly Goose! Just simply follow the recipe chart directions and timing. Attempting to use a thermometer will just muck things up. Keep it simple....
Amanda H. December 31, 2011
I'd do it without the thermometer then and simply base it on weight. Don't want you to damage the thermometer!
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