A question about a recipe: Ann Seranne's Rib Roast of Beef

If we are having a large dinner party and doing 7 ribs, have I calculated correctly that 1 hour & 40 minutes (100 minutes total) with the oven on should be about right or do I need to add more time (since 4 ribs is not double the amount of time of 2 ribs based on the time calculation chart)? Thanks a bunch!

  • Posted by: KGpolicy
  • December 19, 2011


Margie January 4, 2014
Forgot to mention, my 3 ribs at Christmas took 2 hours to get to 125.
Margie January 4, 2014
My butcher told me years ago to unwrap meat in your refrigerator and let it "dry out" for a day or two before cooking. I don't know why it helps, but it does.
JohnL January 4, 2014
And for the same reason, you would not use this method and timing chart to cook a bunch of 8-pound roasts at the same time in the same oven, it just won't work. But the method if used as described, starting with a room temp roast and within the weight range given, for the proper length of time, will give even a novice a beautifully cooked roast, it turns out beautifully browned outside and uniformly pink and juicy all the way through.
JohnL January 4, 2014
How did your experiment turn out? I didn't think this recipe was suited to a piece of meat over 12 pounds. If you load up the oven with more than that, you just might have a problem. I think that's why Serrane never gave instruction for this method with such a large roast. That's probably why the instructions cut off at 12 pounds. Pieces of meat that are too small or too large (think about it, there obviously has to be a limit somewhere) this method will simply not work.
KGpolicy December 19, 2011
Absolutely! Thank you so much Kristen!
Kristen M. December 19, 2011
Actually, you'd probably be better off cutting the roast in half and roasting the halves at the same time, following the chart for 3 and 4 ribs, respectively. You could stick the 3-rib portion in 10-20 minutes after the 4-rib portion (depending on the weight -- just check the chart). Hope that makes sense!
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